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Voice Acting Information

We are currently searching for several voice actors to play characters in Chapter One as well as throughout the entirety of the game. The theme of how the characters of SCP: Fragmented Minds will interact with one another takes strong inspiration from SOMA, Alien: Isolation, and Dead Space with their ability to blend seriousness and lighthearted sarcasm into the characters. Characters will joke around with one another, but will also be serious and scared when it counts -- and we are searching for actors who can blend these two elements seamlessly to create memorable character personalities. 


  • Some professional experience is required (one or two professional indie projects,YouTube shows, etc) 

  • Must have a quality microphone with little to no background noise

  • Having an iPhone 12 or newer is a plus but is NOT required (we use these for facial mocap, it's really cool!)

How to Apply

Please send your CV/Resume and voice reel to along with the role you'd like to apply for. Feel free to attach anything else you'd like to submit as well and provide any additional information about yourself in your application. You can find all the open roles below! 

Open Roles

  • Player Character

  • Mission Commander

  • Mobile Task Force Squadmates

  • Containment Scientists

  • Cannibals

  • Facility Engineer

  • Facility Science Member

  • Female Narrator 

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