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Killing Animations, Stamina, and Xbox Support!


Hey everyone!

This week, we made some big improvements to combat, started testing new animations, and have begun the process of adding complete support for Xbox!

Combat Stamina:

The combat stamina bar that we all knew and loved has been totally updated with a fresh design. The system has also seen an overhaul and weapons being swung around will not drain stamina if they interact with a surface mid-swing. This allows hits to always count and makes the system less fundamentally punishing to players.

AI Turrets and Drones:

Stealth is a core mechanic in the game, and a new zone has been added that'll really put that to the test. It's swarming with hostile AI that will require careful planning to get around. However, if things get sticky you can always try to use your pistol. Just don't run out of ammo....


Located around the demo will be these statues. They'll be your way to access specific SCPs to check out in the model viewer in-game for those that want to get up up-close and personal with some of the creatures. However, there might also be something else about these statures that'll occur if you manage to collect them out, so keep your eyes peeled!

Xbox Controller Support:

One of the newest features added to the game has been fully hot-swappable Xbox controller support! This will allow you to plug and unplug your Xbox controller so you can play however you'd like at any point. This also is a critical part of our submission and approval to get cleared to publish the game on Xbox (which we have already started the process for!)

We will have more information on our Xbox approval process soon, but we are extremely excited about what we are going to be able to share with you all shortly -- stay tuned for that!

Player Finisher Animations:

A while ago, we promised that certain SCPs would be able to perform a finisher animation on you if you were unlucky enough to get a final blow by the creature under certain conditions. We are happy to announce that we have the in-game system now working for these animations and have a fun example to show how they'd work in-game!

More than just SCP-939 and SCP-323 will be able to perform these animations on you, so it'll give combat and death a little extra spice to keep things interesting and engaging.

Last Things and Kickstarter Launch!

We are doing our final performance pass and playtesting very soon, and after we iron out a few issues, we will be launching as soon as we take the rough cut of our Kickstarter video to a finalized polish cut. This process will have some variation in it, so we can expect a launch around the first week of next month (give or take a couple of days, depending on schedules).

However, the next time we mention a release date, it will be the actual day the Kickstarter will launch, so make sure to follow the page so you get notified and can grab the Early Bird tier to get a sweet deal on the game!



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