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Transport Ships, Flamethrowers and Weapon Skins?!

Hey there everyone and welcome to this week's post! We will be talking about some of our newest concept designs for the transport ship, flamethrower, and ending it off with our newest Patreon-only weapon skin!

Transport Ship:

Above, you can see our newest addition to our fleet of concept designs for the transport ship. This ship is going to serve as one of your starting locations (hint, hint) and will also be featured around the game in various ways. The most notable will be in The Hunt and will serve as one of the locations in which your team can plan how you will deal with the SCPs that you'll be facing.

It will also act as a supply ship to give supplies throughout a round.

Inevitably you will come to know it most in the singleplayer mode, but you will find out more on that in future content updates so do not fear! As you can see in the pictures above though, the ship is quite spacious and is also capable of extremely long-range flight thanks to special technology that was derived from a specific SCP object located within the facility. This ship will become very familiar to you as you play the game, so make sure to thoroughly explore it and make use of everything you find within it!

The Flamethrower:

Known lovingly around Site-113 as the "Phoenix", the flamethrower will serve a huge purpose through the later portions of the game, as well as being a particularly good deterrent against pesky SCP instances that are otherwise very resistant to bullets. This weapon outputs an inferno that reaches well over 1500 degrees Celsius thanks to an advanced fuel compound and special shielding for the barrel created within the facility. This is hot enough to melt even the toughest of obstacles and will be incredibly useful in combat scenarios. However, due to the insanely hot temperature the weapon reaches, it must cool down after short bursts. These cooldowns can leave you very exposed, so make sure you do not leave yourself too vulnerable after laying down a barrage of liquid carnage. This weapon may be very fun to use, but do remain cautious of your fuel reserves, since fuel for this weapon will be rather rare

Exoatmospheric Suit Armor:

As most of you know, customization and upgrading are going to play a large role in Fragmented Minds. With this in mind, we made sure to give customization and upgrades to the suit you will be wearing in the single-player, and pictured above is an armor upgrade that will be available for your suit. This will give a higher degree of protection than normal and will protect against certain threats that would otherwise do a ton of damage to you. There will be more of these concepts shown off shortly which will feature different types of alterations you will be able to do to your suit, each with their own effect on your stats and will be great for preparing for certain situations that will occur around the facility.

Patreon Weapon Skin:

For those of you screaming at your screen asking how you can get this skin, we cast no judgment since it's understandable, but you can acquire it for being a donator or continued donator for August! For those of you who are already Patrons, we love you first off, and all you have to do to get it is just remain at your tier through August (as long as it's $20 or above). Skins like this will also be available in September and anybody who is a current or new donator at $20 or above for September will also get the skin associated with that month.

(Visit the Patreon here to get the skin: )

Besides the Patreon, the only other time to get this exclusive skin will be the Kickstarter, so if that interests you then do follow our Kickstarter page here:

Next Week:

Patrons will be getting their special monthly post in the next couple of days which will feature some cool stuff, so if you want to check that out then subscribe to a tier today to get the weapon skin and see everything we have shown off so far! We also post special content there and do polls for what people would like to see in the game, so it is a worthwhile place to check out.

However, check back on this website frequently since we will be revealing our Creature Log, which will be a tab in the top right and will contain which SCPs we currently have and how they are going to behave in the game. It is also accurate to our game lore, so those of you who enjoy that stuff should find it pretty interesting.

The post next week will likely feature the new zone called The Hub, which is one of the most detailed zones so far and will be one you will become very familiar with, so please create an account and sign up for our announcements to get notified whenever we make a post here, which you can do by clicking the sign-up button located at the top right of this box.

Thank you all for reading, and I will see you all in the post for next week!

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