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Tools of Destruction: Flamethrower, Syringe Gun and Portable Turret

Throughout Fragmented Minds, you will encounter many different zones and enemies that will require special tools and weapons to make your way through them without getting easily killed. Some enemies will have specific weaknesses to certain weapons that you can take advantage of to save ammo and quickly dispatch any instances you may come across as you travel throughout a zone.

The Phoenix Flamethrower ( Official In-game Model):

The Phoenix Flamethrower is a powerful example of Site-113's research into creating and deploying compounds with anomalous properties since this weapon is capable of creating a sustainable inferno well over 1500 degrees Celsius without damaging the internal components. This flame is powerful enough to melt through nearly all organic substances and leaves severe burns on tissue and other organic matter located several feet away from the physical flame. Players will find this weapon deep in the Military Zone and will utilize it in clearing out a variety of dangerous areas throughout the rest of the game. However, fuel for this weapon is incredibly scarce and very difficult to craft, so it is advised to only use this weapon in the most dangerous situations since it is especially effective in crowd control and weakening enemies that are otherwise resistant to traditional ammunition.

Syringe Gun:

The Syringe Gun is a multiuse tool that can not only deliver life-saving health to you but also is able to inject various other substances you can craft to combat specific effects such as the deadly virus that is transferred from a bite by SCP - 149. This tool also has a special ranged function that allows players to craft special syringes filled with various toxins and other substances which can be fired at creatures and apply a special status effect to them. Effects can range from causing mild fatigue to severe bleeding and will be useful in helping to escape enemies you may come across.

Portable Turrets:

Due to a history of casualties resulting from rushed facility zone expansions lacking robust defense and containment systems, Site-113 created an automated and portable defensive turret that can be placed on any flat surface. This turret will intelligently identify and engage targets based on pre-programmed internal identities and are able to defend small areas against any and all targets irrespective of identity. It's because of this setting that some turrets you may encounter will be hostile to you, but some will simply ignore your presence and will only be targeting SCPs or specific personnel deemed dangerous. These turrets are very effective and can do a large amount of damage due to their respectable fire rate and precision. Turrets are also able to be hacked to turn it onto your side, creating a useful ally whenever you come across one.

Mocap Suit Info and Devlog:

Due to unforeseen supply issues, the mocap suit we expected to arrive this week has been delayed (yet again) into next month. While this would otherwise be a problem, we have worked out a solution and are going to begin implementing it very soon, with more details on that to come in a separate announcement! Near the end of this month, we are expecting to drop a trailer or two around our SCPs, which will showcase their animations and behavior and also allow us to announce our newest and most dangerous SCP yet. The full devlog which covers the game from the beginning to now, how the story evolved and details a lot of specifics about the facility and how the game will play is going to ideally release next week in the place of these videos, so stay tuned for that and make sure to follow our YouTube page to get notified when it releases, which you can see here:

If you have not followed our Kickstarter page, go ahead and do so here so that you can get access to the fantastic early bird perks:

Also, donate on our Patreon this month to get access to the alpha demo that drops beginning of November:



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