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The Wendigo

Hello everyone! Today is extremely special in that we are beginning to show off SCPs that have NEVER been featured in any games before! Additionally, from this point forward every single SCP we will be showing off will be completely new to games and will feature some rich gameplay mechanics and designs that will truly make them stand out.

SCP - 323:

Enter SCP - 323, known as The Wendigo. This SCP is one we are particularly excited for players to encounter since it will be quite a challenge with the dynamic way it will choose to attack when it senses the player is weakest. It will stalk players relentlessly throughout the facility and prefer to hang back out of direct battles to let other threats wear down your strength.

However, do not be fooled, this SCP is incredibly strong and will feature swift and brutal attacks that will catch you off guard if you are not careful, or let it get too close. This SCP is also going to be among the first of the SCPs to feature a function known as Finishers. In these, the SCP will perform a finishing animation on the player should the player let their health get low enough. In these finishers, the SCP will kill the player in various brutal and violent styles that we feel will add a deeper layer to the horror this SCP provides. The finisher system will also extend to several other SCPs and will create something truly horrifying that has been ignored in other SCP games to date.

Next Week:

In the next post, we will be discussing our plans for some public streams to explain more about the game and to gather some feedback, and interact with players directly. We will be posting more about development streams shortly, but we have plans to do a Patreon-only stream soon to show off new content and get their feedback as to what they'd like us to spend some time focusing on. If you are not subscribed to our Patreon, you can do so here. Also, you can subscribe to these posts by creating an account by clicking on the top right of this post, so make sure you do that to remain updated.

We will also be showing off our gallery for SCPs, which will not only function as a one-stop-shop for images and updates on all our SCPs but will also feature their backstory for the game and how they will behave towards players and anything else they encounter in the facility. The gallery entries for each SCP will include pieces of lore as well that will tie into the main story of the facility and why they are at Site-113. Overall, it will feature a ton of lore and really interesting content about Site-113 and the main story for the game.


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26. Juni 2021


Gefällt mir

20. Juni 2021

This game looks very promising. 323 will be terrifying to see when we think we're safe and low on Hp. Cannot wait to see the other SCPs that will get their debut in a game.

Gefällt mir
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