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The Trifecta: SCP - 939, MTF Commander and Grappling Rework

Hey everyone!

It's been an interesting week, as we have gotten a lot done in various places across the game. The most notable was the implementation of our new SCP - 939 and also getting a lot of the animations done for it!

SCP - 939 (Animations and up-close):

SCP - 939 is going to be quite fun to play against since he will be making some really interesting and horrifying noises as he stalks you through the dark corridors of the facility. It's AI is currently being worked on and is getting to a very good point where it'll feel satisfying to play against. You will have multiple methods of taking them on, with one being stealthy and one being full-on assault. SCP - 939 is not a pushover and will be harder to kill than SCP - 3199s, so it is advised to not take them on directly since they can inflict significant damage to you very quickly. They'll soon also apply a status effect to you which will make them even harder to engage due to the gas they emit by breathing.

MTF Commander Design Sheet:

As we know, there are going to be three distinct NPC Camp leaders throughout the facility. The next leader that we have had a character sheet designed for is the leader of the MTF Camp, which is a camp mainly consisting of staff that worked for Site-113 as well as other site personnel and military forces stationed there.

This character is in charge of the lawful and put together MTF Camp. This camp will be most friendly to you since you are part of the facility personnel even though you were sent from Earth to this facility. However, there are also going to be some individuals mixed in with this group that will not trust you, since they are in this camp out of sheer desperation -- even if they were originally prisoners.

This camp will be a great place to gather information about the state of the facility as well since the leader has put a focus on recon of the remaining areas within Site-113. You will be able to gather specific maps put together by these survivors which will give you very specific intelligence about the surrounding areas -- since your map will contain certain inaccuracies since it is a representation of the facility as it was before all Hell broke loose.

The leader is cold and critical and will give you very specific missions related to helping to repair the facility since she knows something about it that you do not. The interactions you will have with this leader will be very important to the story and will have a large impact depending on your choices and conversations you have with her.

We are still finalizing the design, so if you have any you particularly like, let us know!

Grappling Hook Rework:

Because your character will be sporting a nifty wrist device, we decided to move one of the most important movement mechanics from being something you have to quickly get out of your inventory to use, to something that is always immediately available and ready to go. This change allowed us to move the grappling hook to your wrist, which will also be where your shield for defending against (and parrying) certain attacks will go as well. The shield mechanic is still being worked on but will be very useful to you when fighting SCP instances. However, the new grappling system is being tweaked by our playtesters and will more than likely be slowed down and have a visual overhaul to make it look and feel polished.

Next Week:

In precisely one week-ish, we will be getting in the fully designed map for the Prologue Level. We will not be showing a lot of it off to not spoil it, but we will be working on a lot of the character interactions with the environment and polishing up equipment and SCPs to make the entire experience feel great. You can also expect another devlog going over all the progress we have made, as well as some more motion-captured animations for the SCPs. We are also going to be doing even more of those cool reveal teasers for the SCPs, so make sure to subscribe to the YouTube to see those! Build Access:

Our current set of testers has found and helped us squash a ton of bugs, and we will be trickling down demo access to more of our Patrons as we creep closer to the actual public demo. This is going to give the opportunity for a ton more feedback on what these testers have helped us find and implement, so it should be a REALLY fun opportunity for everyone!



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