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The Other Side Multiplayer Map and SCP-939 Sound Design + Animations

Hey there everyone! This post is exciting since it features the first look we have ever given into what our multiplayer maps will look like and also what you can expect from how The Hunt will work. We also see some sound design and animations for one of our favorite SCPs, being SCP-939!

The Other Side:

We are extremely happy to share the now completed version of The Other Side Multiplayer map concept, which is our first map for The Hunt game mode that takes place on the other side of SCP-354. The map will feature various creatures that are able to come out of the pond, with the overall objective for the creatures to stop the MTF forces from sealing the side in our world off from theirs. The MTF is able to do this by deploying the shield generator around the entrance to the pond, thereby sealing their only entry point into our dimension. However, the activation of the generator will not be easy, and a series of randomized objectives will need to be completed in order to be able to activate the generator. These will introduce a ton of replayability into the game since no two games will be exactly the same. The creatures that come from SCP-354 will be tasked with repelling the MTF by any means necessary and will need to rely on each other to overwhelm and kill all who dare threaten their only entry point into the other dimension.

Both sides will be able to upgrade their characters as they play through the rounds, with points being acquired depending on what the player accomplishes. These upgrades can include additional healing, armor, or upgraded weapons. For the SCPs, it can be additional health, more powerful attacks, and other abilities that would make them much more deadly to the opposing forces.

The environment of this map will be very strange, with certain areas not making much sense to those who come from our dimension, but those in the other dimension will feel right at home in the murky red environment with floating stones and bloody vines. In order to prevent scope creep and ensure this concept remains viable, it will be designed in different stages only after the first two or three chapters for singleplayer are finished. This will allow us to put all of our resources into creating the core systems for Multiplayer and also design this map to the specifications set forth in this concept.

SCP-939 Sounds and Animation:

SCP-939 has gotten some new sounds and animations, as well as being introduced to the entirely new Model Viewer (which you will be able to access in the demo). This sound set does not include it's eerie human speech and that will actually come in another video. We are extremely proud of how far the animation and sounds for SCP-939 have come and he will make a very formidable enemy in-game.

Of course, many of you asked if you are able to pet SCP-939, so we obliged and created what we envision such a situation could look like:

We are massively looking forward to seeing you all in our demo, which is releasing next month. However, the date for the actual release may need a little bit of flexibility in order for us to polish every single aspect and do a lot of stress testing to ensure the experience is as smooth as polished as we can possibly get it.



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