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The Flesh That Hates | SCP - 610

SCP - 610 Reveal:

It's finally here! The reveal for SCP - 610, an enemy that can take many dangerous forms and will be a fierce opponent throughout Site-113. SCP - 610 instances will be most often found in the R&D section of the facility since an outbreak of the infection has left the majority of that section covered in a thick layer of the creature.

The Phoenix Flamethrower is going to be your best tool of defense against this creature, so you better pray that you have crafted and stored enough fuel to stave off the onslaught of 610 Impaler instances that will be coming your way.

This variant is NOT the only variant of SCP - 610 that exists, and you will encounter several variants that have yet to be announced but will make their presence more than known once the R&D section is fully complete.

Mocap Suit Update:

IT SHIPPED!!! The suit should be here on Wednesday, so we will likely be doing a live mocap stream pretty soon after on Friday or so. We will be providing more information on this shortly though so keep an eye out. We will go over our mocap workflow and do some fun animations with the creatures live for everyone to see. Yes, there will be many memes too so it'll be a pretty fun time.



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