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Super Spooky Update: Savage Leader Concept and Subsonic Tram

Hey there everyone, and happy Halloween! If you have not seen our Halloween teaser video, you can see it here:

The Savage Camp Recap:

Located in the heart of Aquaponics lies a camp full of savages who have essentially lost their minds due to the constant pressure and stress of being stranded in an abandoned facility full of some of the most horrifying creatures in existence and also having a quickly dwindling food supply. These personnel essentially banded together to form a cult and have since begun worshipping various SCP entities that exist within the facility as their Gods. As more and more personnel began to join this cult, and food sources began to get even harder to find, it became necessary for these individuals to begin practicing cannibalism so they could survive without the need to be constantly starving. This camp will feel strange and will keep you on edge each moment you are there since even the slightest wrong move could set this unstable group off.

Savage Camp Leader Character Sheet:

This leader will be a critical piece of the savage camp since the leaders of each camp will be able to be talked to and will have the ability to assign you tasks to help the camp and yourself as a result. Talking to these leaders and helping them more will also prompt them to help you more, as they will be able to show you shortcuts through the facility and even give you ways to unlock certain armor and weapons earlier than you otherwise would be able to, making each playthrough unique based on who and what you do with each camp.

This leader will be very unique and interesting to talk to since she is commanding a literal camp of cannibalistic savages but is herself calm and appears very sane. You will come to understand her personality, desires, and ultimately her plans on what she wants to happen within Site-113.

Like the other leaders, she will allow you to dynamically change the story and unlock ways to progress that are otherwise unattainable unless you interact with these characters, so they are going to be very critical pieces to the game that will add a lot of immersion and possible changes to gameplay and story.

Subsonic Tram System:

Located throughout Site-113 are systems of tram tunnels that serve as the only way to traverse throughout every single zone in the facility. These tunnels all connect to The Hub, which is located in the center of Site-113, and will allow transit to each zone as you explore and progress through the story. The trams themselves will become a staple of your journey since they allow for a place of rest from the horrific fighting and also will serve as an area for tending to your gear and equipment between the zones. However, these trams will also need to remain powered, and since the facility is largely falling apart, don't expect a smooth ride each time you board one.

Gameplay and System Updates:

Throughout this last week, we have been upgrading a lot of the core subsystems that go into the game to work out any bugs and issues with them. The largest overhaul has been the inventory system and equipment, which have since seen massive performance improvements overall. We have also implemented the new player model and have gotten true first-person functioning and stable. This means that you will be controlling the full player body and will be able to see your feet, as well as the rest of your player in mirrors and other reflective surfaces. However, this also means that finisher animations that will be done to you can now actually be from your perspective, but of course, this will need testing to fully implement.

Next Month:

Next month, we are going to be focusing on player animation and AI for SCPs, as well as texturing and prettying up the Prologue Map environment that you will be playing in our public demo when it releases. However, those who have donated $50 or above this month are going to be getting access to the development build to help us test mechanics in our special environment so if you are interested in that then it's not too late to donate to get access.

Thank you all for reading have a happy Halloween and make sure to join us next month!



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