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[SEXY] New Player Model and Grappling Mechanic!

Hey there everyone! This post is insanely exciting since we are finally showing off our insanely cool main character player model that YOU will be playing as! We are also going to be showing off our most unique mechanic to date -- grappling! Let's buckle in since this is going to be a super neat post.

Main Character Player Model:

As you can see, we are quite fond of this model and are insanely happy with the way it turned out! This model will, as you know, feature some customizations in terms of armor and other attachments so you will become more survivable as you progress through the game. The suit the player is wearing is known as the Exoatmospheric Containment Suit, and it will provide limited protection against hostile environments (such as the Martian surface) as well as against certain SCPs -- namely SCP - 149 and SCP - 439.

The suit will also be your main point for movement and stealth upgrades since there will be certain kits and armor sets you can attach that will allow new suit abilities, such as a stealth module that will muffle your movement sounds and visibility.

To do this model justice, we will be utilizing motion capture to ensure that the animations and movement for this model are smooth, polished, and give a great feeling within gameplay so you are never taken out of the experience. The actual videos we will do on the motion capture will be incredibly exciting, so if you have not signed up to hear about our weekly posts then I highly suggest you do so by clicking the top right of this post!

Suit Upgrade - Mining Armor:

This is a concept for an armor upgrade known as the Mining Armor. This armor set will protect against ballistic and physical attacks since it was designed to protect against incidents commonly found within the resource mines near Site-113. You will be able to find this suit in some locations as well as craft it with certain resources, and it will serve as a well-rounded piece of gear that you will be able to use for a good portion of the game to great effect.

However, some gear will have much better energy efficiency and other stats that will likely come in handy for certain situations, so it is always a good idea to ensure you have different sets for the different situations you may come across within the game.

Now, let's get into the cool advanced movement mechanic that we have been hinting at for a while...

Note: These mechanics are WIP and will have the animations, models, and sounds massively improved as we get in our mocap suit and new SFX and VFX!

Grappling Mechanic:

As you can see from this video, you will be able to grapple onto specific scaffolding-like structures and various other types of structures throughout the game. However, the surfaces in which you can grapple onto and the speed you can grapple will be limited so you cannot swing to the same insane degree as you see in this video to ensure gameplay and the overall horror feeling of the game remains front and center.

This mechanic is designed to allow you to escape SCPs that are chasing you since most will be faster than you by default, and the grappling hook and mechanic will allow you to escape the danger temporarily. It will also allow for new ways to get around the facility and to reach otherwise unreachable areas to find special items and paths around the facility.

Grappling Mechanic - Reeling/Hanging:

In this video, we can see that you'll be able to reel yourself into certain areas, but you will not be able to hang once the grapple reaches the end of the point it is hooked onto. This is to prevent players from abusing the mechanic to stay out of the reach of certain SCPs that would love to have you on the ground so they can tear you limb from limb. This mechanic will be very useful for the platforming elements that will be present within the game and will make for some great shortcutting of certain areas if you can utilize it properly.

Grappling Mechanic - Pulling Items/Objects:

In these two videos, the grappling hook, and grappling mechanic will come in handy for grabbing items that are out of reach. This is going to be especially useful when it comes to puzzles since it is pretty easy to imagine the wide array of situations you may find yourself in that will require you to grab something out of reach, so it will serve a lot of purpose throughout the entire game. You can grab weapons with it too, and this will serve as a way to snatch weapons near enemies to avoid directly alerting them so you can remain stealthy.

Next Week:

We will be going into great detail about something called Survivor Camps next week and will be doing an entire post dedicated to those to completely get the idea across and how they are going to function within the game and story, so make sure you sign up to get notified when those posts drop!

I will see you ALL in the Mini - Devlog dropping this Sunday!



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