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SCP: Fragmented Minds SCP-966 Redesign and Level One Hanger

This month, we have been working on onboarding some new modeling and concept talent who are already doing some fantastic work concepting and modeling the props and environmental pieces that will go into making the levels and environments that you'll be traversing through as you make your way through the story of Site-113. We've also been going back and giving some of the older SCP models some love through a redesign process to enhance their models and make them much more terrifying.

SCP-966 V2:

Our first model we've given some love to is SCP-966! This creature is special in that it will require a first-person perspective, so we have since gone and added additional muscle mass as well as very high resolution textures to it so it'll look fantastic when being played and encountered in-game. We're currently animating this creature as well, and it'll be featured in one of our now-standard SCP introduction videos coming very soon!

Level One Hanger:

Some of the crucial level design aspects we have been tackling this month have revolved around working within the very large blockout that we have for the first half of Level One, which you can think of as the introduction to the entire game and will give the building blocks for all the mechanics and environments that'll be encountered as you weave your way throughout the decrepit areas of Site-113. However, the concept attached is of the first area you'll encounter (and is the one we are working on right now) which is a docking hanger that'll give a great idea of how the environment will look and be a good way to get players familiar with the environment and game mechanics. We will start to have screenshots to show this off next month, so make sure to keep an eye out for those if you're curious.

SCP-323 Redesign:

One of our absolute favorite SCPs is also getting a redesign, which you can see the concept for below. This creature is going to be bulked up to give it a very terrifying look when encountered as well as making some parts of the creature more accurate to the wiki description, namely being the smashed in skull that is a staple of how the SCP affects it's hosts. We will likely be starting the model next month and will be attaching our usual in-progress screenshots on Kickstarter/PledgeManager, so if you'd like to check it out you can still back here:

Kickstarter/PledgeManager Discord Roles:

We have had the PledgeManager running smoothly for a while now, and if you have noticed that you do not have the correct role that your tier on Kickstarter is supposed to have, please make sure to check your order on PledgeManager to ensure the correct Discord ID is input into the form. We've noticed a lot of backers either didn't provide an ID or provided a Discord Tag. The form will require a Discord ID, which is a long sting of numbers (211027317068136448) in order to assign your role properly instead of a Discord Tag, which is your display name followed by four numbers (TSMRE#2814). If you discover your Discord ID is either blank or improperly written, fear not! PledgeManager should be unlocking all the orders shortly and any necessary changes can be made very easily. However, if you encounter any other strange issues please feel free to send us a message on PledgeManager or Kickstarter and we can sort it out!



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