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SCP - 939 Redesign

It is not often we feel a design we have created needs a refresh, but that is exactly what happened with SCP - 939. The model we had been using we felt had too many "doglike" features and needed a more horrifying and threatening appearance. We went back to the drawing board hard for this one and decided to use a lot more reptilian and dinosaur features to give it the threatening look that does it justice.

SCP - 939:

The new design is one we are very, very proud of and feel finally does justice to the article to a much higher degree than before. There are some changes we have made to the design to make it feel more horrifying, with the addition of a tail and some other features that are derived from a few types of dinosaurs and lizards.

This creature is going to be featured within the game as a fast and agile predator that will test your skills at every turn. It also will have some special effects that you will see and have applied to you if you take one on up close. These effects will make them even more challenging and are also very closely related to the actual lore of the article -- a double whammy!

New Deployable Facility Turrets:

Soon to be shooting high-caliber ammunition at you, and everything else, are the newly designed deployable facility turrets. These little beasts will give you an additional method of protection and defense against anything that could pose as an enemy to you. They will be craftable and also placed around the facility in both a deployed and non-deployed state. They will also be hackable, so even if you find a hostile one, you will be able to bring it over to your side and reprogram it to defend an area against hostiles.

Next Week:

We released the playable alpha test build to Patrons yesterday, and they are currently giving us some great ideas and feedback on how to improve the game overall. We are focusing a lot on animations and AI this month, with a totally new level being added at the end of this month. This will be the very same level you will be playing in, so a lot of time will be spent making sure it's as fleshed out and fun to play as possible. We have some big plans for the interactions in this level, and we are VERY excited to see how it plays!

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Aiden Renteria
Aiden Renteria
15 nov 2021

Damn this model looks good.

Me gusta
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