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Hey everyone!

Kickstarter and PledgeManager:

For those of you who may have missed the Kickstarter, you are now able to back it and get a ton of awesome rewards by visiting this link here:

We are also extremely excited to be able to announce that we are adding in SCP-682 as a prominent character within SCP: Fragmented Minds! This creature took a ton of back and forth on the model and features a lot of tissue damage and scarring consistent with its acidic storage containment procedures that keep it weak enough to contain for longer periods of time.


SCP-682 is an incredible addition to the game, and we are also beginning to experiment with multiplayer systems, so it is not too out there to say that SCP-682 may well see some multiplayer action in the future!

We're seriously looking forward to sharing much more of the development process with you all, as well as starting to show off the first glimpse of the Level One map as well as the new SCP-3199!



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