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SCP-610 Zone + Lighting Updates

Hey everyone!

This week, we have pretty much finalized the SCP-610 infected zone that'll exist in the demo! This zone is MUCH smaller than the planned zone that'll be featured in the main game, but is a pretty good representation of how it'll be in the actual full game!

SCP-610 Infected Zone:

Part of the facility has been completely overtaken by SCP-610, and this scene is just a portion of this zone! This area is one we are extremely excited to show off and is bringing a nice mixture to the environments we have in the demo, and we think it'll be a staple of the full game too. You will be seeing a LOT more of this zone in our upcoming Kickstarter cinematics too, and of course, you'll have the opportunity to actually explore it during the demo.

One of the new additions to this zone will be SCP-610 instances embedded into the wall, which will be able to cause damage to you and even alert any other instances that are around. We already have these animations completed and are going to be adding just that functionality quite soon.

Lighting and Performance Optimizations:

One of the challenges that comes with making a public demo is optimizing the game to run on legacy hardware, and this has been a challenge for us specifically when it comes to lighting and this has caused several pushbacks for launch since we were not quite happy with how performance was on lower-spec systems.

However, we have recently had a breakthrough and are quickly moving ahead with optimization for all systems and have had improvements across the board. We aren't going to give another date range just yet since there is still a little testing left to do with gameplay and the objective systems, but you can expect a full launch in just a few weeks!

The next date we announce for the demo and Kickstarter will be the FINAL date and will be the exact day and time it'll launch, so it really is just a little bit away.

UV Flares:

One of the new tool additions is the UV flare, and this will be very useful down the line when we add secret text/field symbols. However, it'll also be super useful when encountering SCP-966, and any other things that are invisible or hard to see in-game without the power of night vision.

We are very much looking forward to publishing the demo and cannot wait to see the videos that are made on it!



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