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SCP-610 Wall Guardians, Welding, and More!

Hey everyone!

This week, we have some changes to the SCP-610 environment and also some big news on some of the new systems in-game, as well as a couple of other gameplay things to go over!

SCP-610 Wall Guardians:

One new thing we are working on for SCP-610, whether it be in the demo or not, is placing instances within walls and other corridors that will have the ability to attack and track players as they pass by them. The attacking and tracking has not yet been implemented but seasoned Dead Space players will likely be very familiar with this mechanic from the Guardians in that game.

We will be needing to create a new model for these guys to better blend in with the flesh, as well as facilitate a deadly way to kill players if they get close to them so it's definitely something we will have to shelve until after Kickstarter when we have more time to work on these sections in the SCP-610 zone.

Welding Revamp:

Welding has gotten some new use in-game, as we have since added these special panels which will have wires in them that you'll be able to track through walls and other surfaces to find and cut in order to open vents and other objects that could get in your way. This mechanic is going to be worked on for the full game more in order to give it more gameplay viability, as well as working to polish up the animations for the cutting torch/welder.

You'll also notice the welder has been moved to the right hand and is now an equippable weapon rather than something you use in your left hand since it's importance has warranted making it a standalone object that will be VERY useful to you during the game.

Checkpoint System:

One of the things we had some feedback on was implementing a checkpoint system since dying to SCPs and being forced to go all the way back to the start could get a tad bit frustrating, especially when going up against rather hostile AIs that are having their damage values tweaked. We have since started a rework on how objectives are handled in order to work with a checkpoint system, and I am happy to share this is going smoothly, so you can expect to have a checkpoint system in the demo and won't be forced to go back to the start on your eventual death (yay!).

SCP Renders:

In order to show off the badass models we have for the SCPs, we have made some new transparent 4K renders of them to fit in with their in-game and on-website descriptions for those who are interested in the lore for them in the world of SCP: Fragmented Minds. These renders are going to be the mainstage images for these characters, and we will be making plenty of other images for the rest of the creatures as time goes on to fit with their codex entries!

What's Left?

Currently, the only things left for us to do is optimize the lighting and add the rest of the props into the environment, s make sure there are no weird glitches anywhere that could negatively impact the experience, and give the AI systems the final bit of polish they need to be complete. We are making the Kickstarter video right now, and are expecting the release of that right before our Kickstarter to give us a badass launch, so we are really looking forward to sharing that with you all.



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