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SCP - 610 Mocap Animation and Warehouse Concept

This week, we have been using the new motion capture suit we got in from Rokoko to do some really cool motion capture animations for SCP - 610! All the animations below are raw and have had zero cleanup done to them -- which shows the suit does a pretty good job at allowing us to quickly capture clean-looking animations for creatures and characters.

SCP - 610 Mocap Animations:

[This was accidentally captured, but is a good demonstration nonetheless!]

As we can see here, the mocap suit is pretty good for capturing most movements in a fluid manner but there is of course just a bit of cleanup that is needed to be done to animations in order to make them look perfect and correct any extraneous limb movement that tends to happen when utilizing motion capture. We will be working on finisher animations next week too, with a lot of testing going into how to line up the player and SCP in order to make a nice-looking kill. These should be a ton of fun to capture, and we will be showing the workflow we use for those in the near future.

However, where mocap really shines is in cinematics and since we plan to have NPCs in-game, the motion capture technology brings the ability to do somewhat complex interactions between characters into a pretty easily achievable reality. Next week, we are going to be doing a lot of mocap with two other SCPs that exist in-game, and we will be showing off some cinematics with them shortly so be sure to look out for those.

New Concept - Facility Warehouse Zone:

Because of the extensive amounts of time that has passed between when Site-113 was abandoned and when you will awaken from cryosleep, you will find Site-113 in a fairly decrepit and rundown state. Areas like the above Facility Warehouse, which feature a lot of greenery and broken architecture which will become of staple of a lot of how the levels in-game will look. This gives the opportunity for creating a desolate and lush futuristic environment around the facility that is going to look and feel fantastic to play in, especially since greenery will be able to be used to traverse around certain parts of the facility depending on where you find it growing.

Some of the next concepts we are going to be showing will be unlike anything we have ever shown off before and should give a fantastic idea of what we have planned for our first multiplayer map that The Hunt will take place in. We are incredibly excited to be able to share something so unique with you all, so make sure you sign up to get notified when we post by signing up at the top right of this post!


We are going to be showing off some really cool stuff VERY soon, so be sure to follow Kickstarter so you can get the Early Bird tiers and get all the awesome items and digital goods we have planned:



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