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SCP - 3199 Research Section and... A Chainsaw Cannon

Located deep within the Research and Development zone lies the Anomalous Entity Testing laboratory. It is in this lab that the most top secret and disturbing research into anomalous creatures and objects takes place. SCP objects are routinely subject to dismemberment and disembowelment to attempt to discover what gives them their anomalous properties for use in weapons and medical applications.

SCP - 3199 Research Zone:

The nearly-indestructible properties of SCP - 3199's eggs were deemed suitable for research to help discover if such properties could be woven into armor to provide enhanced protection against acids and punctures, or taken a step further to attempt to create a genetic enhancement for the MTF soldiers who help defend Site-113. It was this research that caused The Foundation to round up as many instances of SCP - 3199 as possible and suspended them within these fluid containers while dedicating an entire subsection of R&D to ensure as much focus was put onto developing and deploying any advancements made during the critical experiments conducted here.

Since this laboratory is located within the main Research and Development section, it will be surrounded by SCP - 610, but the lab itself will have little to no contamination due to the cold temperatures and closed-circuit ventilation system. This will allow players to have an alternative path throughout the R&D zone to evade some areas of SCP - 610 if they can find a way into this laboratory.

Chainsaw Cannon - A player submitted concept:

Born from a Reddit post made on the Phoenix Flamethrower (above), it was decided by the 3300+ upvotes on the post and enthusiasm across Twitter that cemented this weapon on the roster of WIP weapons that will make it into the final build of SCP: Fragmented Minds. There will need to be some refinement to the concept and idea before it can be implemented but this type of "crazy" weaponry is something we love because it just makes gameplay more fun and allows players a way to get what they want into the game, even if it does seem strange.

Of course, we will be explaining the existence of the weapon in-game so it will not break immersion or world-building since at the core of this game is making a futuristic facility full of monsters feel as realistic and horrifying as possible while also being fun to play. For players who have fun ideas like this, we highly encourage you to send them to us either on Twitter, Discord, or our website since even the most outrageous ideas can usually be boiled down to something fun and feasible that players will enjoy.

Demo Information and Mocap Animations:

Due to the delay of the mocap suit, we would have had to push back the animation and cinematics into next month for when our suit is scheduled to arrive, but we have since begun working with ForlornFoundry who has been kind enough to lend us their mocap skills and we have started and completed the animations for the upcoming trailer for the newest SCP. We also are going to be able to do the first-person animation overhaul as well, so the animations should be able to be shown off next month along with the trailer for our upcoming SCP and all our others!

As for the upcoming demo, for those of you who donate $50 this month or above, you will be given a key to help playtest and bug test the demo that will be the prologue map and will lead into the main game. This demo is slated to release at the end of this month or very early November so we get a chance to rework the inventory system, equipment and implement some new animations. You can get early access to the demo on our Patreon, which is here:

Thank you all for reading, and I will see you in the official devlog!



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