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SCP-3199 QTE Animations, SCP-323 and Dropship Concepts

Hey everyone!

This month we have been hard at work creating some new animations and creatures, as well as making new prop concepts for some of the larger vehicles in the game! We also are focusing on creating new environmental areas and making sure the new AI controller system is working as expected.

Great progress is being made on the environments, as well as the new AI controller which will be using a totally new and refined methodology that should make it look and feel much more intelligent for any environment it's encountered in. We should have some updates on all that fun stuff shortly too, so be sure to sign up to get updates when we post them.

SCP-3199 Quick Time Events:

Something we have been experimenting with and have designed into the game is Quick Time Events, also known as QTEs. These will essentially be short sequences triggered either randomly or by a scripted sequence which throws players into a fast-paced situation where they must mash certain button sequences or else they will either be killed or punished in some manner (sometimes this is referred to as a "skill check").

Below, we have two new animations as an example of what a QTE with SCP-3199 can look like with both outcomes should the player succeed or fail.

We will be adding more of these types of animations since this was really more of a testing animation to ensure the system worked properly rather than something that is 100% designed to go in the game. However, the system has been tested and is working flawlessly!

SCP-323 V2:

We are extremely happy with how SCP-323 has turned out and are even more excited to begin animating it with new finisher animation sequences and really letting players get up close and personal with it during the sequences involving it. This creature will be a fantastic threat and we are also currently planning around allowing him to be playable in the multiplayer -- but that is something we will only know for sure down the line after testing commences, so an official answer on that will come closer to the actual Early Access launch.

You can expect to see some animations with SCP-323 in the near future (and probably another petting video) so make sure to check back often!

AC-122 Dropship:

One of the newest prop vehicles we have been designing is the AC-122 Dropship! This will be featured as a set vehicle in single-player and as your main mode of transport onto the battlefield in multiplayer. We wanted the vehicle to look like it can do both spaceflight and also flight within an atmosphere, so a lot of inspiration was taken from Pelican dropships with other bits and pieces coming from various other spacecraft and even some real aircraft like the V-22 Osprey.

What is Coming:

We have a lot of upcoming changes to the AI master system as well as starting to show off the environments you will be encountering on your playthrough of SCP: Fragmented Minds! There is also the new player character and movement animation systems we will be updating, so expect videos of those shortly as we finish up and implement the new player character model. This is going to be a large step up in quality and we cannot wait to share it with all of you!

Of course, we will also be creating even more SCPs that will be featured in the singleplayer as well as multiplayer when we begin work on that side of things.

The next couple of months are going to be really fun and we'd like to thank all of our Kickstarter backers for making this possible and giving us an amazing opportunity to bring the project to life! It will be several months before we get information on when we want to start doing Early Access testing but we are sure it's going to be a really fun time!




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