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SCP-3199 Elder Animations, New Props, and Upcoming Holiday Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

We've been hard at work this month working with our wonderful new 3D artists creating a bunch of new "hero props" for the upcoming Hangar Zone, which will be featured as the starting zone for players and introduction into the world of SCP: Fragmented Minds. It's also our pleasure to announce that we officially have a development build of the game that is currently being internally playtested to ensure the newly created experimental saving and loading systems are rock solid, as well as implementing the new AI and animations for both variations of SCP-3199 and continuing to build out the Level One map!

New 3D "Hero" Environmental Assets and Props:

Our new 3D artists have been doing some great work during their first month, and we have some new assets to show off that'll be populating the world. These include the new heavy HVAC system, Sector Generator Unit, and some various tools which include a special new melee weapon!

We are excited to begin working on starting the next area of Level One, and working with our amazing new artists! You'll start to see updates posted here for the newly finished Hangar Zone once the texturing process is nearing completion. However, these new props and assets will be large pieces in these zones and will also be seen throughout the level, so we wanted to ensure extra detail was put into them for player interactions/puzzles.

SCP-3199 Elder Animations and AI:

One of the main points of feedback we got from the demo was that AI needed to feel a bit more robust in certain situations, as well as needing the ability to be a threat to players on elevated surfaces. We have since gone back to the drawing board completely with the core AI system and have begun experimenting with a totally new and unique AI controller.

The Elder SCP-3199 Variant is a special version of this creature that will feature this new AI, as well as a "ram" mechanic which will be incredibly devastating if you allow it to hit you or something you are standing on.

The creature also now has the ability to actually move and impact game objects and props which means that most areas that it can ram can be toppled over and expose you to a close-range attack!

The SCP-3199 Hatchling is getting an upgrade too in the form of a "special attack" that only some instances of it can do when in a group. This will be revealed in a future update once the AI mechanic and animation for it are completed, so stay tuned for that update once we have it ready!

December Plans:

The rest of this month we will be finishing the Hangar Zone and moving on to the zones past it, as well as starting to get the brand-new player model created. We will also be getting more props made to fill in these larger environments and continuing to work on SCP-3199's AI and attack animations until we have its full set totally complete. There are also some adjustments we are making to the player movement system and you can expect some overhauls to be made to how the running and general movement animations play to feel much more fluid and better overall. UI enhancements are being worked on currently too, which will be used to polish the welding and hacking mechanics and the animations associated with welding will be started as well.

We are incredibly eager to continue working on Level One and we will be posting more updates about the AI and SCP-3199 and some other NEW SCPs and gameplay mechanics that we are working on in a future update.

Holiday Giveaway:

We're currently setting up a new hub website for fans of SCP games and media to have a unified spot to learn about what's new in SCP and to discover new projects being worked around the SCP Universe. The website is currently being upgraded with a complete forum for players and fans to ask questions, share things they love from SCP and have a great place to just chat about SCP in general!

To celebrate this new website launch and to ramp up for the holidays, we are running a giveaway through the website for Early Access copies of SCP: Fragmented Minds that we will be sharing more details about and how to enter shortly.


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