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SCP-3199 Concept Images + Level One Architectural Concept!

Hey everyone!

We are excited to say that we are continuing to keep the Kickstarter open for Late Backers, which you can go here to check out if you'd like to donate:

SCP-3199 Adult Variant:

Many have asked us over time if we are planning to make another variant of SCP-3199 that is more human and less chicken than the version currently in-game, which is known as the Hatchling. We are happy to say that we indeed are currently in the process and actually done with creating the design and model for this creature! Kickstarter and PledgeManager members are able to see the model right now, so you can click here if you want to pledge and see it early.

The design is taking the creature to a much more human state and is focusing on blending elements from the hatchling design into a human design while retaining a look that makes it realistic that this creature evolved from the Hatchling. The most notable of these features is the split jaw, which was where the beak of the Hatchling version existed and has now fallen off as it matured. We are very proud of how the design has come out and cannot wait to show it off as well as animate its unique movement cycle in-game!

Level One Architectural Concept:

This month we have been creating a blockout for the entirety of Level One, which is slated to be even longer and more packed than the demo that is currently available on Steam! However, we want to share this concept of the Hanger that is part of Level One to give some insight into how these sorts of concepts are used for those curious. Architectural concepts such as these are actually incredibly important to the level design process since the concept artist will make the concept which is then passed off to our level designer to block out the map as it is designed which is then passed onto the prop artists to create the props and environmental pieces that exist within that area.

These concepts help massively speed up the process of level creation and you can expect to see a lot more concepts in this style as we progress through the design for Level One in its entirety.

UI and Weapon Wheel Redesign:

As part of the ongoing UI overhaul, the weapon wheel has gotten a large upgrade and now has a new look as well as smoother underlying code which makes the addition of different types of equipment and perks much easier. The issue of increasing cursor inaccuracy in different parts of the wheel has also been completely eliminated and the entire system now features a subtle animation to make everything feel more blended and polished.

We are also currently working with a new map system called "Fog of War" which will uncover certain parts of the map as you explore them, but this is still very much in testing and we don't have a presentable video of it just yet -- though we may have one in an upcoming update to give an idea of how the feature will work.

There are a ton of fun new SCPs and mechanics in the works that we are very excited to show off, so make sure to sign up to never miss an update, and make sure to check out the Kickstarter to donate and get a copy of the game!

Thank you for your amazing support, and keep an eye on the Creature Log!



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