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SCP-3199 Baby Concepts and New Environmental Concepts!

Hey everyone!

We spent some time last month creating a few concepts for the new Baby variant of SCP-3199 as well as creating some beautiful new environmental concepts which we have been designing in 3D in tandem with the actual environments to massively speed up the development process! We've also been doing some new updates to a couple of core player mechanics which will see a huge animation update as soon as the new player model is fully finished.

SCP-3199 Baby Concepts:

Currently, we have two out of the three evolutions of SCP-3199 created. These include the Adult and "Scout" versions, which are essentially the adult and teenage versions of the creature. This leaves us with the final design being the Baby variant that is initially hatched from the eggs that this creature is so widely known for. We wanted to design the baby to look like it would undergo a direct progression to become the scout version of 3199, so we opted for more avian features and took a great deal of focus on getting the hands to match up with the scout variant while also ensuring the legs and tail would line up with how the creature looks as the scout too. We feel that the above concepts reflect what a logical step before the scout stage would be while also retaining that eerie cuteness that is going to make the design for this creature special.

Each version of this creature has its own unique attack and defense traits, with the adult having its devastating charge and QTE attack and the scout having its pecking ability and ranged acid spit. However, the baby variant will technically have no attack at all and will instead have a very special ability where it can call one of the extremely dangerous Elders to help it and, if it still sees you, it can relay your location to the Elder at all times -- so the babies will end up being a very serious threat if they manage to spot you.

Players will have a brief window when the creature is doing the call ability to kill it, which will effectively cancel the ability and will NOT alert the nearby Elder variants. We also plan to make a special finisher animation for particularly aggressive players, so expect to see that in-game!

Observation Room Concepts:

These are the new concepts for the Control Room and Observation Room environments that are part of the larger set that is currently being created for Chapter One. We have taken a lot of inspiration from Control and Prey and are really excited about how these zones are turning out! These zones are designed to be a mixture of a spaceport and some designated office areas since they are attached to the main space hanger that is used to transport people and goods off-world.

For those curious, the concepts you see here are actually blockout 3D models that we directly use to quickly create the designs and then we take these and model them out fully in 3D, which allows the process to be very efficient and for a ton of really intricate details to be put in to bring these concepts to life in a very robust and memorable way.

We will begin showing off some of the new environmental bits shortly and we are very proud of how they are coming along and cannot wait to hear what you all think of them!

What's Next?

Our new technical lead, Nate, has been getting into the swing of things nicely and has begun the process of creating a brand-new AI system! We are also going to be revamping all the player movement mechanics once we get the new model so expect a few videos on that shortly once the new player model is completed!

Game optimization is also being massively improved with a lot of the new tools offered in Unreal Engine 5.1, so we will be able to squeeze some extra performance utilizing these new methodologies that have recently been released as stable versions!

On the 3D modeling side of things, we will be modeling out the entirety of Chapter One (which has recently seen the blockout completed) and we will have environmental shots shortly to show off. We will also be showing off the 3199 Baby model as soon as it's finished -- so be sure to stick around to see those! You can also expect more motion-capture animation for SCP-323 and 3199 as soon as we get our motion-capture suit back.

We are going to have a lot of really cool updates to show off pretty quickly here -- so be sure to check back often and subscribe to the newsletter!



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