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SCP - 1360 and A-34 Security Droids

Hey there everyone, this week we have two new character additions that we are putting into the game! The first is SCP - 1360, which is a hyperintelligent android, and then the A-34 Security Droids which are based on SCP - 1360's architecture and are incredibly deadly offensive and defensive droids.

SCP - 1360:

Many organic entities exist within Site - 113. However, many inorganic objects and creatures also exist and are as much a potential threat as any other entity so far contained within the facility.

One of these instances is SCP - 1360. This object is a very strong and versatile android that you will encounter in various locations within Site - 113. However, this entity is not hostile to you, but rather is going to be a consistent entity that you can interact with and help in their ultimate goal of leaving the facility. It will be the main point of a special series of side objectives that will require the player to have a series of interactions with this entity in many different locations around the facility since it is constructing several special devices to aid in escaping Mars to travel back to Earth.

SCP - 1360 also has the special ability to easily hack the facility security drones since their architecture is very much based on its own. This allows it to gather up and maintain a relatively large amount of security drones to protect and assist it wherever it goes. This SCP will also act as a sort of vendor and weaponsmith and can upgrade and repair your weapons when it's suitable for completing the tasks it sets out for you.

A-34 Security Robots:

Created from information derived from SCP - 1360, these security droids are beastly defense drones that are deployed only in the direst containment situations. Packed to the brim with reactive armor and toting incredibly high physical strength, these marvels of mechanical engineering will pose a massive threat to anything that stands in their way. They are fully capable of utilizing weaponry and will use it to devastating effect on any creature or obstacles that are deemed a threat or in the way of achieving their objective.

These droids will be patrolling the most dangerous areas of Site-113 in an effort to destroy any SCP instances that are remaining within the area. However, given that the facilities AI neural network responsible for threat detection has gone offline, these android -- like their drone counterparts -- are only operating on one objective: eliminate EVERYTHING. These droids will be hostile to you but can also be hacked if you somehow find the ability to do so. They will be very powerful companions that can provide a ton of firepower if you are lucky enough to be able to hack one.

SCP - 1360 and A-34 Security Droid Comparision:

Unlike the android they are based on, the A-34s are not hyperintelligent nor sentient and do not contain the same anomalous materials that make up SCP - 1360 since recreation of something so advanced is simply not possible within Site-113. The A-34s are also twice the size of SCP - 1360 due to the inability to pack such advanced technologies into as small as a frame as SCP - 1360. SCP - 1360 is also not a threat to you since it is only interested in leaving the facility to go back to Earth, while the A-34s will be hostile to you by default.

Audio and Animation Updates:

We are nearing completion of the audio and animation implementation that we have been hinting at! So far, nearly all the SCPs have their animation sequences completed and we have also begun working on finishing the new first-person animation sets that your player will have. Sound design has also been going very smoothly, and we have a TON of new sound effects that are being implemented into the game -- which sound awesome and we cannot wait for you all to hear them too! Another animated trailer is in the works too, along with some other fun stuff, so make sure to follow Kickstarter so you can get in on all the action:

See you all next week in the devlog!

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Dec 06, 2021

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