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SCP--049 and more NPC designs!

Hey there everyone!

A couple of days ago, we finally confirmed that SCP - 049 is going to be making its way into the game as a non-hostile entity that you will be able to interact with to progress the story, along with some interaction.

SCP - 049:

The design chosen for SCP - 049 revolves around his containment gloves and research equipment that was issued to him by the research facility in order to give him the opportunity to experiment on certain creatures in a space where they had zero chance to cause harm or escape. 049 will be featured as an NPC that you will be able to interact with and discover more about the facility you are playing in and also the people and creatures that are currently roaming around the areas you might find yourself in.

049 is going to be a fully voiced character with a voice actor many of you know and love for their role in other adaptations of this creature. However, you can expect some slight enhancements to the voice to fit the new style and model. Since there are currently 9 fully modeled SCPs in-game, and that we have access to a full suite of motion capture technology, you can rest assured that SCP-049 will be done justice in-game and that his implementation and scope are well within the boundaries of what we are capable of putting into the game.

Head Cryptozoologist:

One of the newest characters to be getting a concept is of the Head Cryptozoologist! This character is actually based on the concept artist who has done a ton of amazing concepts for us, such as the 049 above! This character will be located in one of the NPC camps, and you will be able to interact with this character in order to find out more information about certain SCPs and also discover better ways to kill them using specialized weapons and other tools that would work well for killing the specific creature you are facing.

The way humanoid NPC characters will be handled is actually a much more simple process than in years past, and we will be utilizing a new technology called MetaHuman and Audio2Face in order to be able to create realistic NPC characters with rich facial animations without being forced to spend weeks of development time on creating the extremely detailed and complex facial rigs and also painfully animating them from hand. These new tools essentially are going to allow us a ton of flexibility in NPC creation without going outside the scope, being much too costly, or taking many weeks of development time.

Playtesting Stage 2:

As the demo release and Kickstarter draw closer, we have been hard at work designing and polishing all the systems that will make up the core experience of the game. These systems include the AI systems, combat, tools, environment, inventory, and objective systems that will make the game feel polished and playable. Testing of all these systems will begin tomorrow as the Equipment Testing Lab is pushed out, and we are very excited to hear all the feedback from players.

It's with this feedback that we will make design changes and improvements, and should be a lot of fun since the area and mechanics have been completely overhauled from the last implementation of them. If you'd like to become a playtester, you can do so on Patreon:



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