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Quality of Life Changes and New Items

Hey everyone!

This week, we have some cool changes that are going to make your life in-game more immersive and smoother in terms of gameplay and exploration!

Weapon Wheel Slow Motion:

To ensure that combat and movement are smoother, we have added a new feature to literally slow down time when you are using the weapon wheel to prevent being attacked while looking for your next weapon or to heal. This system is going to be improved upon massively and will be a critical one to healing and replacing your batteries for the critical flashlight!

Combat Animation Inertia:

One of the main points of feedback from playtesters was that combat felt a bit stiff, in order to alleviate this, we have since added some inertia to the camera that will gently pull your view from one side to another to simulate the inertial shift that happens when actually swinging weapons. This setting depends on your FOV and will not look nearly as dramatic with a less zoomed-in FOV (since this is non-standard).

New Grenades:

Two grenade models have been upgraded and added into the game! The frag grenade and cryogrenade now share two lit-up models that have some cool LED effects! These grenades do serious damage to everything that comes into contact with it, so it's critical to keep your distance from their effects, or else you may end up slowing down or dead.

Performance Enhancements:

Through the power of baking lighting and optimization of memory across multiple areas, we are getting to a great spot in terms of performance across a larger array of systems. However, this improvement is ongoing and we will continue to do tests across the game to ensure the game is as performance friendly as we can possibly make it since this demo will be public and we want as many people to be able to experience it as possible.

Demo Release Info:

It is looking like we should be able to launch in the first half of next month, so make sure to mark your calendars around that date since we will give an exact launch time near then! The Kickstarter also launches alongside this demo and will be the defining factor into whether or not the project can continue, so be sure to follow the page and pledge if you can!




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