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Playtesting and Kickstarter News

The day of reckoning is quickly approaching us as we start to commence the final playtesting of the game build. Currently, we are focusing on polish and performance optimizations + adding the story elements and final little Easter eggs and other bits that will make exploration through the level worthwhile. We have a good chunk of fun stuff planned, which also includes adding a new attack to 610 and a new effect upon its death. The Kickstarter demo video is also coming together and we are excited to have something comprehensive to help people get a good grasp of the demo and game in a single fun video.

However, we know a lot of you are super eager to play the demo and see what it is we have been working on, and we are extremely happy to say that once playtesting is over and we have fixed the weird little issues that are sure to crop up, the only thing left is to launch Kickstarter and hold our breath as the campaign runs throughout the month.

We can't give exact dates for the launch of the Kickstarter yet since we don't know what random issues playtesters might run into, but once we have that information and have implemented fixes then we will finally be able to give an exact date and time for launch, so stick around for that since we have a ton of fun stuff on the Kickstarter that we think you'll enjoy.

As an added bonus for people who have followed the project, you will be able to get the Early Bird (Day One) tier which includes the full game and some extra goodies for 25% off the normal tier price of $20!

If you want to follow to be able to get the sweet discount, you can find our launch page here:

Latest Lighting Pictures:



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