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Performance Enhancements and More AI!

Hey everyone!

This week we have begun and pretty much almost finished the AI systems for all the creatures in-game!

So far, we have made some large enhancements to the detection and attack patterns for the SCPs and are planning on making even more adjustments as we continue tweaking things before we launch the demo.


SCP-058 has a new way in which it will decide to either attack or back off before going in for a sting, and will also attempt to get behind players to catch them off guard in this new system.


SCP-3199 now will attempt to find new points to either spit or attack players directly from, and since this creature is rather frail up-close, it will make a preference to try and use it's heavy spit attack which can do a ton of damage if it lands a hit on the player.


SCP-939 now has a better system for detection based solely on sound, and it will no longer directly attack players based on sound unless it can get closer to the actual source of the sound. This makes it a lot harder for it to directly pinpoint players through walls, and makes it easier to escape from them if aggro'd.


SCP-610 is now able to assault in a way more dangerous fashion than before and no longer will pause after attacks, and instead will completely disregard its own safety to attack. There will be more tweaks to this system before launch, but it's shaping up very nicely and will be the final SCP to see changes before launch!

Level Streaming and Other Performance Tweaks:

We have found a strange cause of performance lag in the form of a gif we have been using as a main menu asset, as well as in some of the level areas. This gif caused a severe drop in performance and has since been removed to be tweaked. The frame gains from this are substantial and with changes to the level streaming, we can expect to get a lot better frames across the board!

Make sure to follow Kickstarter, as we are planning on having some awesome perks like plushies and figurines as well as cool in-game stuff!



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