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NPC Prisoner Camp and Equipment/Inventory Rework

Hey there everyone, and welcome to the first post of November! This month we are going to be focusing a ton on animation, AI, and the environments for the prologue level that you'll be playing through in our public demo when it launches.

However, we have a new concept for the third and final NPC camp concept, which is the Prisoner Camp concept so let's jump right into the camp and its background.

Prisoner Camp:

Located deep within the heart of the frozen Military Zone lies the Prisoner Camp. This frigid location came to be during the initial facility evacuation since the large number of prisoners who were left behind decided the best location to raid and shelter away from the now escaped horrifying creatures would be the Military Zone -- before the tragic event that caused it to become a wasteland.

In this camp, you will find more advanced tools, weapons, and armor since it functioned as the main armory for the entire facility, which the prisoners were happy to take advantage of. It's in this camp that you will begin to piece together why the entire zone has been covered in a layer of ice, as well as receive a task related to helping deal with some of the more pesky frozen spots that have the potential to cause a catastrophic issue for the entire facility.

Turrets and Drones will be found frequently in this zone as well, which will make it dangerous to traverse outside the camp but also means that there will be a lot of loot for you to gather to trade within the camp and also to utilize the Recycler to help craft even better armor and tools.

Inventory + Equipment Rework:

The inventory system has been completely reworked to crush a few bugs that were in the system for a while. The changes made to this inventory include the addition of a new coloring scheme to show item rarity, making the menu a flat 2D menu, and getting rid of the item hotbar to allow for specific buttons to be used for each item. There will be a weapon wheel implemented soon to allow for quick selection of each item, since the hotbar system isn't going to work for the playstyle we want for players. There has also been a few new buttons added to allow for the listening of voice logs and seeing other critical information about the player. You can also see the health, suit power and oxygen bars on the right have been enhanced and now drain in real-time.

Equipment, with landmines in particular, has seen themselves reworked a bit as well this week. You are now able to place them almost anywhere that is flat and they are also able to be shot at and exploded to create a simple trap for usage around the world. They are very powerful tools and can one-hit an SCP-3199 instance and severely damage a lot of the other enemies you will be fighting, so keeping one around is a fantastic idea.

As we can see here, the landmines are very effective against SCP-3199 and are even better when used in cramped areas since they can take out more than one instance pretty easily. The usage of ragdoll physics for 3199 is also being considered since it would add a lot of realism to what would happen if it was to be hit by a high explosive device.

This Month:

We are going to be releasing a full devlog today, which you can check our YouTube out if you'd like to watch it. This video will go over the entire game and explain a lot of critical mechanics and story elements that have never been explained before. $50 patrons and above are going to be getting access to our mechanic testing demo in less than a week (ideally), and you are still able to get access by visiting Patreon if you'd like to participate in testing and providing critical feedback on what is essentially the core backbone systems of the game. This month is focusing on AI, animations, and environments for the full demo level, so you can expect a lot of that to be shown off this month, especially with the special trailer we are finished with showcasing our newest and most deadly SCP ever.



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