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Newest Subsection and Fresh Mechanics!

Hey everyone! In this post we have some pretty awesome stuff that ranges from frozen wastelands to grappling hooks, so let's get right into it.

Military Zone - Subsection Fusion Power Generator:

The image above shows the newest area that is going to be added to the Military Zone, which is a fusion power generator cooling pond. These subsection generators were critical to maintaining the power to each area of the facility when heavy electrical loads were applied during advanced weapon testing. However, as we know, the Military Zone has somehow become a frigid wasteland due to a horrible accident (which you will discover as you play) and will feature a ton of ice that will make this area somewhat difficult to traverse, but very rewarding to do so if you know where to look.

We are currently having more of these subsection concepts made to give a great idea of what the overall layout you can expect in each section is and to give an overview of what the facility looks like when viewed from each section itself so you will be able to fully understand exactly how this facility will look and feel to play in.

Game Changing Mechanic - The Grappling Gun:

The above two images are the concept and block-out model of our newest piece of equipment that also ties in with one of the most interesting mechanics we have implemented to date. Since Fragmented Minds is an immersive survival horror sim, we wanted to ensure this mechanic adds to the horrifying and stressful situations that will be plentiful within the game. To achieve this, it was decided that this unique piece of gear would only be useable on specific types of structures that will be present in certain areas of the game. This is to force players to keep a keen eye out, since being able to properly utilize this mechanic could mean the difference between life and death when being chased down.

We already have a prototype of this created (which patrons have seen!) and it is looking really good in the preliminary testing phases, but will of course get better both visually and mechanically as we progress throughout development. Overall this mechanic will provide a lot of fun and uniqueness to each utilization since being able to move so dynamically around your environment leads to great gameplay opportunities.

New Gameplay:

Down below, you will see several new gameplay videos that showcase three of our newly introduced mechanics. Please note that these are all WIP and visuals, SFX, and texturing will all be massively improved throughout development.

Terminal UI:

Up above, you can see our new terminals and UI system that will be implemented onto them. These will be critical for unlocking information about certain areas in the game, as well as for literally unlocking actual objects within an area you may find yourself in. However, the biggest use for these terminals will be for lore on certain creatures and to access audio logs and other material to help you piece together what happened within the story of SCP: Fragmented Minds.

Target Shooting System:

No, we have not lost our minds and become an aim trainer. This mechanic video demonstrates one of the most important things that games featuring guns can have -- predictable accuracy. The weapons of Fragmented Minds will feature recoil that is controllable but will also be punishing if you simply try and spam it. However, for those of you who have a steady hand and patience, you will be able to land very critical shots on SCPs that can have a devastating effect depending on your ammo type and the spot your shot impacts.

Bullet and Item Physics:

Since we love puzzles so much, it was decided that adding another layer to the potential for puzzles was a great idea. In this video, you can see that bullets can indeed have an impact on objects within your environment! This opens the door to a ton of potential for gameplay since players will be able to also use this new physics system to potentially make weapons out of mundane items and to shoot objects around to move them from one area to another. Keep in mind though -- ammo is limited, so if you find yourself wasting ammo shooting all sorts of objects randomly, you might run into trouble down the line when you really need it.

September Weapon Skin:

Here is the official weapon skin for those who donate $20 or above for September! This skin has emissive textures which means that the parts that appear to be glowing will glow in-game!

Love the skin? Get it here:

Next Week:

Next week we will be showing off a new concept of an amazing new area of the facility, as well as showing off the grappling mechanic in action. We will also begin to show some new weapons and also concepts of a fantastic new enemy that is going to be coming to the game, so make sure you follow our posts by signing up at the top right! You are now also able to sign up to be a beta tester when we release our private demo, so make sure you sign up before you immediately click off the pop-up!

See you all in the Devlog being posted this Sunday on our YouTube!



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