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New Tools and GAMEPLAY!

Hey everyone! In this update, we have some extremely exciting stuff to show off, with the first being our new assault rifle model, then our wrist device, and then wrap up with a look at our new drones and a peek at our WIP enhanced movement mechanics.

Modular Assault Rifle:

Like most of our weapons, we prefer to have multiple ways to use them so players can pick and choose how they best want to utilize what tools they are given for the situations they find themselves in. This weapon will fire similar to an AR-15 but will also have different variants, such as a sniper, SMG, and an enhanced sight version that features a digital zoom scope.

However, keep in mind that ammo will indeed be scarce so it will be up to you to decide which variant you would like to use for your playstyle since, if you run out of ammo, there will be a lot of potential for problems. Upgrades for this weapon will be craftable at fabricator stations around the facility so it is critical to find as many resources as you can to craft the best upgrades.

The Wrist Device:

Likely going to be the most interacted with piece of gear beyond the inventory tablet, the Wrist Device will serve as your personal PDA and will also house some very important information about creatures and other objects you have interacted with. However, unlike other games, we will not be having keycards be the main entry method through checkpoints and doors and rather will be utilizing upgrades to this tablet in the form of Access Chips. You will find these around the facility and they will give you access to certain otherwise off-limits areas. It will also allow you to store specific data you find around the facility and will give you a single place to hear your audio logs -- which will be abundant and are going to feature critical information as well as side stories featuring some voices you may already know...

Facility Drones - Phantoms:

The concept and block-out drone model above are known as Phantom drones across Site-113. These little drones will serve as security and surveillance drones that will be present in most zones across the facility. They will be able to shoot damaging projectiles at you and will pose a threat wherever they are encountered across the site. However, with this threat also comes with the opportunity for reward since successfully taking them out will yield some great parts and crafting materials that will make your potential ammo sacrifice worthwhile but they will not be a pushover threat either and will take some skill and planning to effectively dispatch.

These drones will be upgraded in terms of their look as we weave throughout development -- so if they look a bit rough do not fear since they will be getting an upgrade soon enough.

Enhanced Movement Gameplay!!!!

We would like to start you guys off easy with two videos of our enhanced movement that will play a key role in how you traverse the facility. The first video will be showing our mantling mechanic and will allow you to get to certain locations, parkour, and uniquely evade enemies.

Note: Please keep in mind though that this environment is a block-out development environment and the animation on the mechanics are all WIP that will be adjusted when we get our mocap suit next month!



As you can see from these two videos, you will not be restricted to running away from every enemy and will be able to use these two mechanics to get around obstacles and escape from anything that may be chasing you. Sliding through doors is also a mechanic, as you can see, and is awesome. These two mechanics are critical since the SCPs will, by default, be faster than you so running away is not a great option.

We are going to start showing off more and more gameplay mechanics as we progress through these blogs, so it is a great idea to sign up at the top of this page to get notified when we drop new content each week.

Next Week:

We will be showing off even more gameplay, particularly with weapons and how those will work, along with some new SCPs that we just had fully modeled out. However, one of the big focuses will be an insanely cool concept idea we have that will fundamentally change the singleplayer campaign and we think is something you guys will like so do sign up for the updates above.

We did a Development Stream yesterday too, which can be found here and has a ton of cool information along with some commentary on how many of the items and mechanics in-game will work.

Thank you all for reading and I will see you next week!

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Ethan Bove
Ethan Bove
Aug 21, 2021


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