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New SCP Objects and HUD Changes

Hey everyone!

In this post, we are going to look at two of our new SCP objects and describe how they are going to be interacted with in-game, and then show the new HUD system that has replaced our previous blockout model.

The Pan Dimensional Vending Machine [SCP-261]:

SCP-261 is going to be an interesting device that you will come across in-game, and it will provide you the opportunity to get some either potentially useful healing items in the form of actually edible foods, or you will be dispensed something that could essentially kill you if you don't read the warning signs. This device will more than likely be available in your Hub Zone since you will be making your way through this area the most and will return to it quite a few times to traverse to other areas in the game.

The Red Sea Object [SCP-093]:

Located somewhere in the facility will be SCP-093, and if you are able to locate this objects containment area, you will unlock the ability to place this object on a mirror in your Hub location and will be able to participate in a side mission that will involve going into the mirror to a specific location that will house enemies and potentially valuable loot. This engagement can be thought of as an extension to the Dark Zone mechanics that are already planned for the game, as well as similar to the dungeon events that are optional in Doom and Doom Eternal.

Death in the mirror area will hold the same consequences as death in a Dark Zone, so be sure to not run into this fight without proper preparations since it will be very easy to lose much more than you bargained for...

HUD Enhancements:

The player HUD now properly displays enemy information as well as certain critical components of your health, suit power, and remaining oxygen levels. These will be extremely important since oxygen and suit power are both critical mechanics that will need to be closely monitored throughout the experience.

There are a couple more elements that are going to be upgraded, with the fabricator and terminals seeing an upgrade to the size of their widgets in order to make them a little easier to interact with and to be easier on the eyes.

Next Week:

In the next update post, we are going to be showing off a lot more equipment concepts and also some demonstrations of pieces of equipment that already exist in-game, and how these new concepts will improve upon and replace these pieces of equipment. They will be very useful to your journey and survival in-game, so they are something we are giving a particular amount of attention to so they feel and look just right.



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