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New Equipment Testing Lab

Hey everyone!

This week we focused mainly on performance enhancements as well as some tweaks to the environments and finishing up the rest of our animations and sound design. These will be featured in another announcement though since they are in areas we have not fully shown off yet, and are sort of waiting to show off in our devlog and Kickstarter trailer.

However, we did a complete and total revamp to the equipment testing lab, which no longer features a ton of blockout models and instead uses our actual game models!

New Lab:


With the addition of the new AI lines and objective marking tools, we are nearing the ability to conduct complete and total playtests! These will help us polish the entire experience and allow us to optimize the game across as many systems as we can. AI and level streaming are going to be the most critical elements we test, so as we continue through development these will take the front stage as being incredibly important. Animations and combat are also going to be thoroughly tested and we will be refining animations throughout development to create something extremely polished for you all to enjoy.

A ton more information will come in Devlog #5, which is currently in production and will be released on YouTube before the month is over.

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