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New Environments, Animations, and Props

Hey everyone!

We have been hard at work this month continuing to put together the new environments, and animations, and continuing to create a lot of the props that will be populating much of the game. We also have made large strides in the AI system, but that will be saved for a separate post since it still needs some polish before we can show it off.

Environment WIPs (with lighting):

We have been putting together some of the new environments we showed off last time in-game with lighting and are very happy with how it's turning out! These environments are being designed to be believable and will be undergoing a pass with lots of dirt, blood, and various other bits and pieces to make them look abandoned and tell a story that's all their own. The lighting here is not final, but these screenshots were actually taken directly from the game and we cannot wait for you all to see and experience the environments yourself!

New Environments (WIPs):

These are some of the new environments we are currently working on, which are some of the last environmental pieces in the first areas of Chapter One! We also have been working on a library of beautiful materials that will allow us to have a lot of consistency in detail and quality across all the environments while saving a lot of time over needing to constantly remake them for each piece of architecture.

New Props and Prop Concepts:

Throughout the month we have been working on a slew of new props and interactable items that will populate the environments and also serve as considerably important mechanics that will be present throughout the entirety of the experience! The two most notable of these are the Transformer and the Control Router. The Transformer will be unique in that encountering or breaking one will cause a new environmental hazard to form -- which can be either a good or bad thing for you depending on how it's used.

The Control Router is another extremely important item, and it is special in that it will enable players to hack items that has it attached to them, which can create a lot of unique interactions should players decide to utilize hacking to get through doors, activate certain items or use it as a distraction to slip past the SCPs undetected.

New Animations:

We've created a slew of new detection and aggression animations that are going to be pivotal in creating realistic and engaging encounters with the SCPs that will roam the corridors and areas within Site-113. Most notably, the creatures have a new sleeping state that will enable players to sneak past them slowly and quietly while remaining undetected. However, they'll need to be quite careful to not get too close or too noisy and wake these creatures, since doing so can mean almost certain death in some situations.

We are also working on bringing some new VFX to these creatures to bring their attacks to life -- so you can expect to see some new VFX especially for the acid spitting attack in the next update!

What's Next?

The Master AI system is close to being finished, as well as the special AI controllers for each instance of SCP-3199, so we will be showing that off as soon as it's ready for demonstration! It's going to be a massive improvement over previous AI iterations and we are incredibly excited to bring it to the game.

We also are going to be starting the Player Character animation overhaul shortly and this will bring changes to player movement, environmental interaction and a whole slew of improvements to the fluidity of animations and movement within the game. We will also be showing off some new VFX that have been specially made for some special props in-game!

You can also expect to see updates with the newest environments as well as some very special new player mechanics and props which will be extremely prominent throughout the entirety of the game -- so stay tuned for information on how those work and how they will be used.

We've got a ton of great stuff coming up and are incredibly eager to see how playtesters enjoy the huge gameplay improvements when we begin to test!




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