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New Enemy Type and Holotable Intro + Next SCP Teaser

Terrifying monsters are not the only enemy lurking within Site-113. With the abandonment of the facility, the main facility network became corrupted, as well as the systems responsible for friend and foe detection in the facility's internal drone security system. This lead the drones responsible for assisting in threat detection and management to ignore friends and foes, diverting to the basic function of treating all entities as hostile.

MR - 2 Critical Zone Defense Drone:

This is the MR-2 Critical Zone Defense Drone, the pinnacle of SCP automated containment, which has been turned against you. These enemies are extremely maneuverable and will patrol most of the zones within Site-113. They are extremely strong and will engage you from the skies with precise and highly damaging ionized projectiles. It is highly advised to evade these drones when you come across them, as their attacks can pierce even the strongest armor sets with relative ease and severely damage your health. However, there are a few counters to this effect, and if you are quick with your movement and attacks, you may be able to take one out. The loot these drones yield is some of the most advanced that you will come across in the game, so the risk is very much worth the reward if you are able to successfully carry out an attack on one.

While these drones are incredibly hostile, their hostility can be taken advantage of if you come across one attacking an SCP instance, and can wait on the sidelines for it to either be destroyed or finish off the SCP before looting the remains or trying your luck at taking whoever the winner was on.

The Holo-Table:

Located within The Hub and other special areas are information devices known as HoloTables. These are used to display information that you have obtained from logs and scans in an interactable fashion. You will also get mission objectives and be able to see certain areas in the facility on a zone-by-zone basis if you have obtained specific maps from data entries that exist on terminals around the facility. The Holotable can reveal certain details that you are otherwise unable to see in your PDA, so it is very worthwhile to give all data a second look while utilizing this device.

Maintenance Drones:

Not all the AI in the facility is hostile, and these are the facility maintenance drones that roam around certain zones to attempt and keep most of the critical subsystems stable to prevent a catastrophic failure in the zone ionic reactor cooling mechanism. However, these drones can also be interacted with when you come across one to help repair your weapons or armor if it is capable of being repaired, making them a very useful AI to interact with whenever you find one. There will be several derivatives of these drones, with some being a sentry variant and some being specialized for a specific task in the facility.

Newest SCP - Teaser:

One of the most feared specimens to ever be sent to Site-113, this next SCP that is going to be unveiled in October in a formal trailer is going to strike fear into all who come across it. It is going to be one of the most challenging SCPs you will face within Site-113 and will require all the tools you have obtained to have even a slim chance at surviving an encounter with it.

Next Month:

Of all the development we have done over these last few months, there has been no month as important as the next. We are finally getting in our motion capture suit, as well as some other content that will take this game to the next level. You can expect to see a couple of new environments, tools, and a lot more gameplay, including specialized advanced animations for nearly all the SCPs and player. If you have not followed our Kickstarter or Patreon, we highly suggest doing so now so you can get in on all we have to show off and get super early access to our demo when it drops to help bug test.

We will also likely be pausing the weekly video updates in exchange for monthly full-blown devlogs and trailers since we will be having a ton of content to show off in each video and it also will give us a great opportunity to polish things between each video.

Hope you enjoyed this update --- see you in the weekly devlog this Sunday!



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