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New Drone Concepts

Hey there everyone!

Two new facility drones are coming to the game, with the Mobile Information Kiosk and the Underwater Repair Drones both having special concepts made for them.

The information drones will be located around the facility and will essentially act as a storage device and a way to download some parts of the map whenever you come across one. Be warned, however, that the maps these drones possess are not 100% accurate since the facility has become destroyed in some areas, so the map will be a little different compared to what the drone shows. However, you are able to find survivor maps that are much more accurate to the actual facility layout and will do a great job at showing you where things are in the zone you are in.

The underwater drones are going to be in the later parts of the game, with the majority being located in Aquaponics. These drones will be responsible for maintaining the underwater areas and ensuring that everything is functioning smoothly. However, they will also be hostile towards you and anything else that might be in their way of completing their objective. This will make them a particularly interesting threat since they will be the first water-based enemy and will bring a new level of danger to the otherwise calm waters. They will not be the only that in the water though, so take particular caution when you enter them since you might not always be alone.

MR-2 Drone:

Since it's been a while since we have shown off this particular drone, we can use it as a great example of the style and design that these drones will have once they have been modeled in 3D.

These two drones will have a sleek appearance similar to this drone and will also feature some nice reflective and metallic textures. The Submersible drone will have a very unique design since it needs to operate in fluids rather than the air.

SCP Reveal Cinematic:

Next week, we are revealing the newest SCP and we cannot wait for you all to see it since it's such a huge step up in quality for our SCP designs! Be sure to check back on our YouTube next Saturday for the video and we are incredibly excited for you all to enjoy how it will be implemented in-game!


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