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Navigation and SCP - 323 Mocap Animation

Hey there everyone! We are hot on the tail of Christmas, and we hope you all had a safe and fun celebration!!

However, this week we added a new mechanic which will help massively aid in navigation around the map in areas that would otherwise be potentially difficult to get around in if your flashlight dies or glowsticks run out.

Suit Scanner:

As we know, the suit scanner will be able to help you locate potentially valuable loot but will also allow you to see the 3D objective markers that your AI will place on your HUD when an objective or area of interest is found. These markers are toggleable as well and can be turned on and off depending on your playstyle, especially if you are looking for a gritty and realistic experience.

This system is going to be expanded on throughout playtesting too and will also be given new UI as we do the overhaul on that, which will have it looking cleaner and with specific objective markers depending on what is actually being marked.

323 Mocap Animations (Raw):

[Idle Animation]

[Injured Walk Cycle]

[Idle Twitching]

Here we have a couple of SCP - 323 animations that were done using our Rokoko motion capture suit. These animations have had absolutely no clean-up done to them whatsoever and came out looking pretty clean right off the bat. SCP - 323 is going to be portrayed as an animalistic and savage creature since it is constantly searching for human flesh to consume. Because of this, its movements and posture will be rather sporadic and it will twitch and limp around to illustrate the fact that this thing was a human that has been completely altered into some horrifying.

One interesting point to note with these animations though is the ease of capturing them with our new suit. NPC interactions are going to be a large part of the camps, and as such, they will need some pretty complex animations to go with them. In normal circumstances, it would require a massive effort on part of the animators to make these scenes come to life. However, with the Rokoko suit, we can create complex animation sequences for NPCs rather easily using our models and Metahuman which means that the inclusion of NPCs into the game is not actually as complex of a task as it was for other indie studios in recent years.

Next Week:

This coming week is exciting since we will be releasing another video that is similar to the one we did for SCP-610 and will be featuring one of our SCPs in an initial encounter type of video. This will be an exciting introduction to what's to come since we will also be dropping another devlog either the first few days in January or December 30th and this will go over our new audio and also some more animations plus everything else we didn't discuss in the last video.

However, the most important thing to note is next month we are planning on releasing our public demo and Kickstarter at the end of January or the beginning of February. You can expect this demo to be a fantastic example of the game as a whole and we are very excited for everyone to play it and experience what we have created here! Kickstarter tiers are also going to be discussed once we finalize those so it should end up being a ton of fun!



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