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More Concepts, a New Environment, and VFX!

Hey everyone, and Happy June!

Last month, we focused on creating and refining concept designs for the later areas in Chapter One, as well as getting concepts and models created for some of the important props that will be interacted with many times throughout the game!

We've also been working on creating some more environments for this Chapter, while also getting some really cool VFX in to bring these props and mechanics to life!

Maintenance Hallway Concept:

Above are some concepts for a new maintenance hallway that'll lead into one of the most important sections of Chapter One -- the Transit Center. We are very pleased with this concept design since it accurately reflects the brutalist architectural style we have been creating and is going to be a fantastic point of reference for our 3D artists to begin working off of when they get started here on this zone!

The Transit Center Concept:

The Transit Center is an area of particular importance within the first level of the game -- not only will players visit this place multiple times throughout their experience here, but they will also have some very important encounters in this area too.

You might notice in the first and second concepts that there is an emphasis on the rock walls located in this environment. We wanted to be sure players were reminded that they are indeed not in any normal facility but were literally below the surface of Mars in a deep cave system. This design also allows us to craft several other areas out of rock, which gives a very unique and brutalist look that will bring a special connection to the environments that we are extremely excited to bring to life!

PDA Device/Dock and Currency Card:

As part of our mechanical overhaul, we are planning on introducing the PDA as a new device that will be directly part of how the new Hacking mechanic will work. However, this little device also doubles as a way to transfer any currency you might find on your journey through Site-113 to your own card for use around the world. It also has a special syringe used to take samples from downed enemies and certain objects which can be used to gain valuable information about them and to craft (or trade for) unique materials, given you find enough samples from certain creatures around the facility.

Card Reader Station:

Located around the facility will be different access cards that you will find, however, upon first picking up a card of higher access than your own, you will be required to locate a Card Reader Station in order to transfer the higher clearance level and currency onto your own card. This will effectively upgrade your security clearance and allow you to get into new areas and also (from that point forward) directly transfer currency from similar access level cards and lower level cards onto your own card through the PDA -- no Card Reader Station required.

However, you may also find specific cards that are tied to certain individuals for specific objects (lockers, electronics, personal quarters, etc), and in this case, you can simply carry along that individuals card to unlock that individual's locker or interact with their special object -- you will not need to find and interact with a Card Reader Station in that instance.

Power Boxes:

Located around the world will be these power boxes, which will serve numerous similar purposes whenever you may encounter one. These boxes are tied into the new welder's shock mechanic and can be opened and shocked when one is encountered (either up close or from a distance -- depending on if it's open/shattered or closed).

When zapped, these boxes will short-circuit and will either turn on for a brief period or will disable certain things it's powering (stopping an electrified puddle, for example). This will allow numerous chances for players to interact with the environment and can use it to their advantage during combat situations, with players being able to power on electrical transformers to shock enemies or by zapping a nearby crane to drop its container onto unsuspecting groups of hostiles.

You may find a powerbox is closed from a distance, but most short-range weaponry can shatter the cover and allow it to be shocked -- though the resulting noise from doing so may attract more attention than it was worth!

Fuse Boxes:

One of the new puzzle mechanics coming to the game is these special Fuse Boxes. These will be found in various areas and will supply power to various subsystems around the facility. Fuse Boxes can be found with either all of their fuses intact or with only one or two -- meaning it will be up to you to find the replacement fuses and to balance power across all the fuses to open or power the systems of your choosing.

Your initial interaction with these boxes will prompt a power balancing puzzle which will require you to time your clicks to accurately charge the capacitors in this box before the fuses can be interacted with, adding a second level to the interaction with each box! We will be working on setting these up shortly and are very excited to begin showing off how they will work with power cores and the new fuse mechanic that accompanies them.

"Hume" Tanks - Gravity Beware:

Something we are so excited to show off is the new Hume Tanks! These are based on the concept of "Hume" in the SCP Universe which is a standard in which reality is measured, and the "hume" in a particular location can be raised back to normal levels through the utilization of Reality Anchors. However, with the ability to raise the Hume level, it is also possible to lower it -- and that is exactly what the liquid contained within the "hume" tanks does.

The effect this has on the environment and the puzzles that will be associated with this particular mechanic will be shown off in time, but there is a ton of potential uses that this purple liquid has and we are eager to create a proof-of-concept to demonstrate its usage in-game.

Server Room:

One of the newest environments is the Server Room! This room contains some important medical and technological tools that will be of use to you in your journey through Site-113. This room also does a great job demonstrating the wear and tear the facility has experienced during your long stasis and is a fantastic representation of the grimy brutalist art style that we are creating for the game! Be sure to check rooms like this thoroughly -- you never know what useful things you may find...

Propaganda Posters:

No shady government organization is complete without propaganda posters -- and players will find posters like these scattered around the game to advertise various in-world drinks, foods, restaurants, and associated companies! Be vigilant though, as some posters may offer VERY useful advice! What's Happening This Month?

This month we have been working on finalizing two core gameplay mechanics -- namely the Fuse Boxes and Power Boxes and you can expect videos of those relatively soon. We are also working on creating more of the environments that make up Chapter 1, as well as creating a large asset library we can use for the next levels too.

We are also in the middle of doing a total animation overhaul for the player and will be showing how that is coming along this month, along with how the gameplay mechanics are shaping up! We will also be showing off some of the WIP VFX for the "Hume" tanks and the acid VFX for SCP-3199, as well as some nice HUD effects. We are also continuing to create the AI controllers for each type and the complex behavior sets that come with them, this system is coming together nicely and we are very excited to begin playtesting it!




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