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Main Character Concept Design and Railgun Concept

Hey everyone and welcome to this week's post! We are going to be going over a variety of really cool concepts and mechanics in this post, with the most notable being the Exoatmospheric Containment Suit used by MTF unit Zeta - 12.

Exoatmospheric Containment Suit:

The suit you see before you is the very same armor you will be wearing during the single-player campaign, which means this is actually what the main character (you) will look like! We have ensured that the suit is also modular and will accept multiple upgrades that you will be getting throughout the campaign in the form of armor and other utilities. These armor sets will be critical in ensuring you are well prepared for the more intense sections that will exist in the later sections of the game (particularly the Military Zone, hint hint...). The concept for an armor set is going to be shown off next week and we think players will like its unique look.

There will also be multiple color variants for the suit, which will cross over into multiplayer for some cool customization elements that will allow players to show off their status with some nice skins for their character.

The actual model for this character is coming along quite nicely and we will have the 3D model done and ready to show off shortly. We are making sure the model is highly detailed to allow for more immersion into the experience that will add to the overall game and to give a unique character that flips what people think MTF armor normally looks like on its head -- as we tend to do for most things.

Hypersonic Weaponry - The Railgun (Special Tier):

Since we have a cool main character design, we of course had to design a cool weapon to go with it. Known as the HSER, the railgun is an extremely advanced piece of technology that packs an insane punch. This weapon can one-shot most creatures you will encounter and will be a key tool in helping to defend against some of the more dangerous SCPs you will encounter through the middle stages of the game. However, while this weapon is extremely powerful, ammunition is extremely limited. So pick your shots carefully and do not miss. You'll find this piece of equipment in the R&D Zone and will have it along with you through the rest of the game to give a "sense of security" -- unless you have no ammo...

Scraping and Crafting Mechanics:

Since scrapping and crafting are going to be two critical mechanics, we have started to design the unique resources that will be recycled using the special Recycler machine to obtain the raw resources to feed into the Fabricator so you can create weapons and equipment like the Railgun.

Down below you will see the new scrap models and Fabricator/Recycler

The scrap is going to be found in various parts of the facility and will prove critical in the crafting of new and powerful resources. While there will also be other exotic forms of scrap available, the above will be the main type you will find scattered around the environment and will be the most general type, useable for most common crafting.

This scrap will come into use when you stumble upon a Recycler/Fabricator station. You will feed in this scrap and whatever else you find into the Recycler and this will fill up the tube, which is in the top right of the above image, with the fluidized versions of the scrap you have found to be portable around the facility.

This fluid cartridge will be fed into a Fabricator to make certain items and weapons, so it will be critical to make sure you scrounge around for as much scrap as you can to get the best upgrades possible for your character. It is at these Fabricators you will craft ammo and even weapons so never pass the opportunity to use one up when you find one.

The Containment Log:

Over the next few days, you will notice a new tab located at the top right of this page. This will lead you to the Site-113 Containment Log, which will have information about the SCPs contained within Site-113, with background information about why they are there and how they got there in the first place. It is accurate to our in-game lore and will be expanded upon in-game as well. For those of you who love lore, make sure to bookmark that page since it will be updated with ALL the SCPs we plan to add.

Next Week:

As you all hopefully know, we are doing a Kickstarter in a few months and would love for all of you to follow the page here:

We will also be releasing images of the Patreon-exclusive weapon skins that Patrons who donate in August and September at $20 and above will get, so make sure you check back here (or on our Patreon page) to see those and decide if that's something you are interested in. We will be showing off the latest SCP concept next week, along with some new Special Tier weapons that are going to just be awesome so do sign up for updates in the top right of this post so you don't miss it!

Also, if you hate reading, go subscribe to our YouTube so you can catch the video versions of these updates and can listen along as we go through each post with some additional commentary.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

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Jul 26, 2021

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