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Lighting Enhancements and Additional Mechanics

Hey there!

This week, we made some breakthrough performance enhancements with lighting that have effectively solved the main issues with performance across the recommended specs for the game, and have added some new mechanics to the game!

Lighting Enhancements:

This week, we focused on solving an ever-persistent issue with the lighting in the demo that has caused frame issues for quite some time now. We are extremely happy to report that these issues have effectively been solved and all that remains for lighting is to make sure it's pretty for the public launch! The balancing act between performance and pretty with something known as "baked" lighting is one game developers have to take some time to perfect and we are going to be taking some time to ensure these changes are in before public launch to look good as well as be performance-friendly.

SCP-610 Upgrade:

Last week, we showed off an issue with the way in which SCP-610 attacks, which can be easily defeated by walking backward. This has now been addressed and the creature is insanely dangerous. We are currently working on two new features for this AI before we launch the demo, which will include a blocking attack and a special hazard that occurs on its death if certain conditions are met. More on these two new things to come through in future updates.

Pipe Welding:

One new mechanic we showed off the other day was pipe welding, which will be critical in a certain section of the demo and will bring in a pretty interesting event sequence. However, a critique we got on this mechanic was to force players to weld the actual spot that's broken and that is something we will change depending on playtesting since it can be frustrating to be forced to weld something so specific. Playtesting will reveal the best course of action there though, and we are excited to see if we can also get an effect that'll be applied post-weld.

For those of you who have not followed Kickstarter, you can do so here and we have a TON of cool stuff that's going to be available for you as a reward so sign up here:



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