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Kickstarter Is Successful and PledgeManager News!

Hey everyone!

For those of you unaware, our Kickstarter has ended SUCCESSFULLY, and with an ending number of $119,223, it makes us the most funded SCP game in history! This is a tremendous honor for us, and we cannot wait to continue developing what we hope will become the definitive SCP experience for all to enjoy.


In case you missed out on Kickstarter there is still the opportunity to get the same rewards from Kickstarter by using PledgeManager, which is our partnered app that will give access to the Kickstarter even though it's ended!

If you'd like to check it out and support us there, you can find the page here:

We will be keeping the pledge manager open for some time, so make sure to check it out and grab any tier you'd like before it potentially sells out. We will be continuing our updates here on our website and will be posting special content and exclusive updates on PledgeManager/Kickstarter so it's worth checking out.

This has been an incredibly exciting time for the game and we are just getting started! Thank you everyone for the amazing support you have given to us and we are so excited to finish this game and create a simply fantastic experience!



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