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Kickstarter and Demo Information!

Hey everyone!

As some of you have noticed from the timeline we posted a while back, today was supposed to be our launch date for the Kickstarter and Demo. While it's currently in a really good spot, we decided we didn't want to launch anything without extensive playtesting and optimization since a lot of games released recently have suffered from pretty buggy launches and we are trying to avoid that as best we can, especially since the fate of the project really does depend on Kickstarter being successful.

However, the new launch date is slated to be around the end of this month or early next month to give us some time to polish up the optimization, add a little extra content and finish up the badass Kickstarter trailer that we think you guys will love! More content updates and another devlog are going to be shortly posted to show off exactly what is up before we launch the demo and to give a look at what went into creating it.

If you want the ability to get notified when Kickstarter first launches, follow the page here and snag the early bird tier (WHICH IS AWESOME!):




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