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It's Almost Done

Hey everyone!

It's extremely exciting to say that playtesting is going well, and we only have two more changes we are going to be making before we are launching the demo and Kickstarter together!

Melee Combat Enhancements:

One of the notes we got from playtesters is that the shield and melee systems need to be more fluid, and enemies need to be more punishing with each hit they do. In order to balance this, we have decided to do a slight rework to how the shield and combat work in general, with SCPs receiving a longer stun period and allowing players to interrupt an SCP during an attack for a brief period before it can attack again.

In order to balance this and retain difficulty and horror, we are going to be increasing damage per strike that an SCP does to a player, as well as slightly reducing some of the healing resources found in the map to force players to think twice before they run at an SCP and try to kill it.

AI Code Upgrades:

Another thing we have wanted to add some extra polish to is how the AI interacts with the player and world, the current system is stable but there are some issues with detection and attacks that we would like to fix before launch in order to ensure the experience with them is as smooth as possible, and to also give us a solid system to use throughout the entire experience.

Once these changes are made, we will be moving around a couple of small interactive pieces in the demo and then we will be launching publicly and on Kickstarter for everyone to freely play!

It's been incredible to come this far, and you can all expect a sixth and final devlog that will go with the Kickstarter and explain the demo, Kickstarter, and plans for the future as well as some details on some things we feel need a little more information than could be put on Kickstarter (like the survivor camps specifically)

We are massively looking forward to seeing the videos people make on the demo and we hope it puts the faith in people required for a successful Kickstarter campaign!

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