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A Promise Kept, Localization, and Posters!

Hey everyone!

This week, we have been putting the final touches on some game animations, getting some posters made, and working to get a couple of different languages localized so players across the world can enjoy the game!

Game Ready Petting Animations:

A promise we made a while ago was that we would include at least one petting animation in the demo. We have since done a small animation overhaul to a couple of SCPs, and we decided to create and finalize one of the animations that'll be featured somewhere in the demo (but you have to find it!) More of these animations will be added, so make sure you hunt down all the trophies and keep an eye out for any strange out-of-the-way areas that could house these interactions.

Localization Settings:

We want to bring SCP: Fragmented Minds to as many players as possible across the world, so we have started experimenting with localization settings to support some of the most common languages in the world. We currently have verified translations for Japanese, German and French and are working to get a couple more languages in-game so that players can have subtitles be in their native language and be able to enjoy the game even if they are not fluent in English.

Poster Designs:

Around the demo and full game, will be these poster designs (these are currently concepts, but will be fully rendered when in-game). Some of these will also be available as a merch item for those who are interested in getting the designs printed on tested quality paper without having to go and get the design printed themselves. These posters will also do a little storytelling if you are paying attention, so be sure to check them out whenever you see them!

One of the newest mechanics that we are testing will be the usage of UV flares for allowing the reading of certain symbols that are located around walls throughout the facility. These will give additional information about the potential horrors that await you on the other side and are a fun little way we can tie in additional lore into areas it wouldn't have been possible to before.

Demo Information:

We are about done with the environments for the Kickstarter trailer, so you can expect filming to begin very soon! There will probably be about two-ish weeks before we can have a new launch window since we will need to produce and finalize the rough video cut, and in the meantime ensure that there are no stability issues in the demo. We will also be taking this time to polish the audio and performance so that the demo is a smooth experience that we really think you guys will enjoy!

We will likely be doing a YouTube stream soon to show the State of the Game, and to answer some questions live! If you aren't subscribed to our YouTube, you can do that here:

We are seriously looking forward to launching the demo and Kickstarter, and can't wait to see all the fun videos of your playthroughs of it!



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