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Facility Zone Breakdown: The Hub

Hey there everyone! In this post, we are going to be talking about one of the most important zones within the entire game -- known as The Hub. No, not that hub, this one is less strange...

Breakdown - The Hub:

The concepts below are going to, at first, look a bit strange never fear! We are going to take a look at the entire facility to break down the idea into something that makes more sense.

Taking a look at this concept yields some overview of The Hub, which is the sphere suspended within the middle of the facility. This area is going to be where most of the leisure and very high-level administrative activities took place before the site was completely abandoned. The Hub is also the only direct line down to certain highly classified areas within the facility and will be a critical location for you to spend some time in since it will be a "safe area" for the most part and will lead you down into the deepest levels of Site-113.

However, this area is going to house a lot of the items you will need to be able to continue your adventure through the facility but also will serve as a way for you to customize some aspects of the game as you see fit. The concept below is going to show off what the inside of The Hub is slated to look like, along with some areas of customization you will have.

Breakdown - Hub Interior:

So, taking into consideration the spherical shape we saw in the concept above, we can see that The Hub is going to feature a certain style unlike anything seen in an SCP game. It's an incredibly unique environment that served as the main point of leisure activities for personnel since they are many, many months away from their lives back on Earth.

In the concept, you can see the multiple levels and areas that will be present in this section of the hub, which will be the main section and will serve as the area you will more than likely visit most to keep your gear in check and gather your objectives throughout the game.

In this zone, there will be all sorts of interesting environmental pieces ranging from mini-aquariums to hollow tables for you to see mission objectives on -- since this area is one you will be coming back to and will serve as a way to give you information. However, this area also is going to need some repairs since it has been sitting and will give you a chance to customize some parts of the environment with certain items you have either found or can obtain from a catalog of items that will be available and useable with the Fabricator.

For those who are or will become Patrons and Kickstarter supporters, though, will get expanded customizability from a greater array of items that will allow them to show off their support since these zones will be unique to each player and are planned to be a gathering space for players in multiplayer matches! So, supporters will have a fantastic way to show off their support for the game and will be able to make sure everybody else knows about it. (You can donate here)

The images down below are going to detail some of the other areas that are planned to be in The Hub for you to store certain objects and also explore for resources.

Breakdown -- The Hub Subsections

The Hub is going to be fairly large of course, but not massive to the point where it is simply not achievable. The scope of this zone has been carefully crafted to allow for the maximum amount of customization (especially for donators!) and exploration all within a very precisely defined scope.

However, the subsections pictured above are the Meeting Room, Museum, and Lounge respectively. These are all going to have certain parts to them that you will find out as you explore the area and find your unique items. These areas are going to be, for the most part, relatively safe and will allow you to finally take a breather from the horrors that have been stalking you relentlessly -- although it might not be a good idea to 100% rely on that...

Keep in mind that this zone was very lively since it was indeed the most frequented section by staff for spending their leisure time, so there will be lots to explore and maybe even special items left over after the site was evacuated, so exploration is highly encouraged in this zone specifically.

Next Week:

This next week is going to be super cool since we are going to be going over some of the newest weapons and maybe even show off a little bit of our in-development gameplay footage for you guys to finally see! It should be a really cool update since it will give you the in-game glimpse you have been desiring. So, make sure you sign up for notifications by clicking at the top right of this page and signing up for an account!

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Make sure to check out the mini-devlog that will be dropping today at 9 AM PST on YouTube as well:

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Thank you for joining us and I will see you next week!

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