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Even More Gameplay and SCPs

Hey everyone, in this update, we are going to be talking about our newest gameplay mechanics and introduce you to two more SCPs as well as a concept for implementation into singleplayer that will fundamentally change gameplay.

SCP - 745:

The image above is SCP - 745, a pack-based predator that will be making its way into SCP: Fragmented Minds as a class of enemy you will have to carefully assess when making your plan of attack. These enemies will nearly always have a numerical advantage on you when encountered, so it is critical to take one out from a distance to prevent getting damaged from multiple angles. These creatures will primarily lurk in very dark sections of the facility and will launch attacks at very high speeds so using your environment to your advantage to evade these attacks is highly advised.

These enemies will be very interesting to play against since weak points on them will be fairly obvious, so ensuring your aim is up to par to take on the challenge will make for a fantastic battle in the darkest areas of Site-113!

SCP - 439 (Concept):

Because we have rather morbid tastes, we love horrifying scenes of mutilation and disfiguration (No, we have not gotten professional help for this). It was decided that SCP - 439 would be the perfect candidate to include as an environmental hazard in the game, as it allows for some fantastic horror but also poses a threat as a tiny creature that needs to be carefully dispatched to prevent getting infected and ending up petrified.

The homes for these creatures will be spread across the facility and may well house other SCPs that will combine to make an extremely deadly hazard that you will need to take great care (or use the flamethrower) to clear out.

New Gameplay Mechanics:

Down below, we are going to discuss three new gameplay mechanics that will be making their way into the game. Remember, these are WIP, and the animations, SFX, and environment will be massively upgraded before the actual public launch (which is coming shortly!!)

Cutting Torch:

Located around the facility will be various paths through levels. These include vents and other doors that you will be able to cut your way through to get to different areas, discover new things, or get the drop on any enemies that you may have come across and want to get the advantage over. With your trusty cutting torch, you will be able to cut these various objects open to enter what they cover and to enable a higher level of interaction with your environment while also opening the door to a wide array of puzzle opportunities.


Quite literally the exact opposite of the above mechanic, welding will give you the ability to close off certain sections against enemies so you can take a breather and even repair some sections of the facility that are otherwise damaged. Welding doors while being chased by an SCP is a good idea if you can make it work -- but be warned they will be able to break the welds over time so it's never a good idea to rely on it. Welding will also open the door to some cool puzzles and tasks for you to do around the facility and will be a mechanic we will be consistently refining throughout development to get it just right depending on playtesting.

Door Control Panels:

Whoever said violence isn't the answer was dead wrong. Some doors located around Site-113 will have control panels that will be visible to you in specific areas (think in terms of puzzles!) and these will be vulnerable to bullets or melee attacks. These panels, when shot, will allow the lock on the door to be broken and the door will then be available to open. There is also an idea we had to take this mechanic to the next level, but we will go over that when we have a WIP version of it so we can give a clear idea of what the mechanic will do.

All of these mechanics will be critical in your journey through the facility and will play a key role in how the game will play as a whole. All the mechanics and SFX will be continually improved as we travel through the development process and will come out clean and polished.

Next Week:

Next week, we are going to be discussing some new concepts of new areas in the facility as well as an insanely cool new equipment piece that will literally have you off your feet. We will also share some gameplay clips of the new weapon and target systems and what exactly those will entail and what their usage will be within the game and closing with a look at the September weapon skin!

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