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Equipment and Weapons Update

Hello everyone! This week, we have some really cool stuff to show off that will heavily impact gameplay for both the single and multiplayer game modes and provide some great gameplay potential. So, let's go ahead and get right into it.

New Weapons:

Down below, you will see the main weapon you will be carrying with you throughout the entire singleplayer campaign! While it may look like a normal pistol, it has several characteristics that make it anything but normal, but we will get into that in the next section. This pistol will come in a few color variants that will be rewards and unlocks for progression within the game as well as special variants for those who choose to donate to the games development, as an exclusive reward for both single and multiplayer.

Just a pistol?:

This weapon is a bit deceptive in terms of it's true potential, and the image below shows that it is completely modular in terms of the attachments AND ammo types that will be available and able to be crafted for this weapon. The weapon will have several different available attachments to fully modify its behavior from going to a single-shot pistol to a fully automatic SMG as well as a couple different variants in between. This, along with the special ammo types, will be critical in helping your survival when crowded around by hordes of enemies or when you are trying to take down a more tank-like enemy.

Ammo Types:

From top to bottom, we have FMJ, Hollow Point, Sabot, HE, and Stun ammo types. These will be selectable and essential to effectively defend yourself from the horrors that await you. However, the "special" ammo types will take much more resources to craft and will be much rarer than standard FMJ or Hollow Point ammunition, so they must be used sparingly and on the most dangerous targets.

New Equipment:

Below, you will see several pieces of equipment that will be available to help make your journey through Site - 113 a little easier, as well as being part of an objective for the multiplayer. From left to right, we have the Trip Mine, Frag Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, and the Gamma-Ray Emitter (GRE). All of these pieces of equipment will be available in both single and multiplayer with the GRE being the exception since it will see usage by the MTF in The Hunt for stopping the growth of nests and other SCPs. These will be quite a few more pieces of equipment added as we progress throughout development, with varying usage from healing to protecting chokepoints from flanking enemies.

Next Week:

We will be showing off some concepts of an upcoming SCP as well as showing off the finalized model of a completely new SCP that has not ever been featured in a game before! This particular SCP will be incredibly tanky and will stalk you throughout the facility, waiting for the perfect chance to attack you when you least expect it.

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As always, our Patrons get these updates much further in advance, as well as get the ability to give us feedback to implement into designs that end up going into the game. So, if you have not checked out our Patreon page, make sure you do that here and pick a tier to help support the development and get a say in what goes into the game!

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1 Comment

Jun 13, 2021

I wonder what the new SCP will be ? It hasn't been in any game so that narrows it done by a small margin, but still interesting. I love the "pistol".

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