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Demo Info and October Plans

Hey there everyone! Last month, we introduced and started polishing up a ton of the core mechanics that will go into the full game, as well as introducing you guys to concepts for the next environments as well as introducing the NPC camps and fully modeled weapons. We then ended off the month with a look at two new enemies, with one being the MR-2 Drone and the 2nd being an enemy that is going to be teased this month in its own dedicated trailer.

October Plans:

We are going to start this month off with a full devlog that will take us from the beginning of this game to now with the finalized and complete idea, as well as how we developed our core subsystems and explain where exactly the game is going while also showing some new content that will be implemented into the game.

This month is incredibly special too, since we are going to be getting in our mocap suit in a week or so, and will be doing a ton of work cleaning up ALL the animation currently in the game, as well as making some insanely cool trailers and videos with the SCPs that we will be sharing around. We are also planning on working with some awesome content creators starting this month to really help promote and spread the game around.

We will also begin doing some really cool behind-the-scenes stuff with mocap and more live streams for Patrons, so it's a really great time to hop onto Patreon if you haven't already.

This month we are going to show off more of the NPC camps as well as some of the characters that will be inhabiting them, with the Savage Camp leader being the first character concept being shown off sometime later this month. The design is looking fantastic so far and we are incredibly excited to show that one off!

Demo Launch Info:

Those words are probably some of the most exciting three words I can ever write, but I am happy to announce that we are launching a demo either at the very end of October or early November for beta and bug testing. This demo will be available to those who donate $50 and above and the beta key will NOT expire so you will have access to it even if you stop donating. The demo will be pretty early access and will feature our test environment and other environmental blockouts at first, with access to all the mechanics and SCPs as well as weapons that will make their way into the full demo.

You will have the opportunity to playtest with us directly and give live feedback about what you like and don't like, as well as any suggestions for mechanics or map design. It's a fantastic opportunity for those who want to leave a tangible mark on the game for all to see and experience.

Get Demo Access:

If you are excited and want to secure your demo access now, go ahead and subscribe to the Chaos Insurgent tier on Patreon here: A ton of exciting things are coming, and we are looking forward to all we have to share with you guys! I will see you all in the official full devlog!

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Oct 04, 2021

The madness begins soon.

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