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Crafting Update, New Items, and Shock Sword

Hey there, everyone! Crafting Rework:

This week, we started to rework the crafting system to get it online and working again with the new materials. You are now able to craft specific items from various materials that you will find throughout the facility. The environment the character is in is the first glimpse at the Level 00 map that Patrons will be playing through on Feb 5th during playtesting. Crafting will be incredibly important, so this system is being fleshed out more and more as we develop to ensure that materials needed to craft items are balanced and that loot is distributed evenly throughout the level.

Cryogenic Grenades:

Cryo grenades are going to be implemented to allow the ability to immediately stop enemies in their tracks. These grenades will also apply a status effect to whichever enemy they froze and will slow down their movements and leech their health away for as long as they remain alive. These will be craftable too, and resources to create such advanced grenades will be sparse so make sure to use your resources wisely.

Shock Sword:

The latest weapon to be developed is the Shock Sword. This weapon is going to be formidable and will apply a shock status effect to any enemies that are hit with it. This can cause them to get stunned for a prolonged period of time to allow you to get in additional damage and even escape the situation entirely if you choose to do so. This weapon is soon to be modeled as well, so expect to see it in-game along with all the other melee weapons. Crafting will be critical to creating this weapon too, so if you manage to find the recipe then you will have a fantastic close-quarters weapon that will serve you well.



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