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Concept Overload - Biggest Update Ever

This week's post is extremely special, as it comes not only on the heels of our first mini-devlog but also follows the posting of our newest OST, both of which can be found on our YouTube: . Also, be sure to follow our

However, this post is also special in that it shows off the most detailed content we have ever made and gives a great idea of what Site-113 actually looks like, so let's get into it.

Site-113 Exterior:

This concept is the first to ever show the outside of Mars Site-113 and shows just how detailed our facility and surrounding areas will be. It also gives a great idea of how large Site--113 is, which is massive. One of the key parts of this concept is the transit system to the outside as well as the communications arrays, both of which will have parts to play in your singleplayer experience. Directly in front of the player model though, is one of the main space entrances to the facility and is where your journey throughout the site begins.

However, the character you see in the center will indeed be YOU! This is a sneak-peek of our upcoming player model and character concept, which we are extremely happy with and think you guys will find cool as well. More on the actual character concept and model to come in a separate post though.

Site-113 Interior:

Normally, what's on the inside is just as important as what's on the outside, however, in this case, the inside is a bit more important because it's where most of the horrifying experiences will happen.

What you see before you is the interior or Site-113, which is comprised of five distinct zones that you will be visiting throughout the game, with each zone being containing unique resources and being much more hostile than the last.

Site-113 Zone Breakdown:

To our immediate left, we have the Entrance Zone. This is where you will start within Site-113 and will be your introduction to all the terrifying monsters we are eager to have you play against. This zone will house some creatures and will give you the starting resources you will need to progress throughout the game.

From the Entrance Zone, you will travel to the middle zone of the map (in the center of the image) to what is known as The Hub. This zone is essentially your safe zone and will allow you to proceed to all the other zones through the facility transit system. This zone will also be customizable and will feature several ways of customizing to fit what you'd like. There are also some plans for this particular zone in regards to customization for multiplayer too, so it's something that will be brought up frequently.

From The Hub, you will travel to Aquaponics (the one with the trees to our right). This zone will be rich with natural resources and contain a lot of the resources you will need to begin crafting specific upgrades to your weapons and player to make you more survivable. Trees and forestation will have massively overtaken this zone to the point where they will be obstacles you will need to cut through or find a way around, which is also the main theme of this zone. This zone also features some special containment pens that focus on organic environments rather than plain cement or metal and will be worthwhile to explore.

The next zone you will visit is known as the Military Zone (directly behind The Hub), which is a frigid and icy zone as a result of a horrible accident which you will discover as you explore it. This zone will feature some powerful weapons that will allow you to finally go head to head with some of the more tank-like creatures that have been stalking you throughout your journey. This zone also features armor upgrades and other equipment that will be extremely valuable for defending against the aggressive entities that call this zone home. This zone will also feature some extremely unique environments due to SCPs creating their nests there and altering the environment as they please. Some of the side activities (known as "Dark Zones") will also be set here and will be high-risk high-reward ways of obtaining more gear while facing a huge amount of danger and high death consequences.

The last zone is Research and Development. This zone is the most hostile in the entire game and needs little introduction to those of you who know what the fleshy substance taking over the entire zone is. However, for those who do not, it is SCP - 610 aka "The Flesh That Hates". This SCP was housed in this zone for research purposes and has nearly completely taken over the zone by absorbing the biomass contained within it. This zone will feature many unique enemies spawned off of SCP - 610 and will be incredibly dangerous. However, there will also be the most powerful resources located here to make your journey to this zone worthwhile. The environment of this zone will indeed be fleshy and this flesh will cover nearly the entire zone, except for the only areas the flesh is unable to spread to, which you will find out as you play.

Special Weapons and Equipment:

One of our biggest goals for players is to introduce them to new and unique weapons, equipment and mechanics throughout the experience. Rather than boring AR-15-style weapons and the usual military weapons you see in every game, we opted to go for much more unique and custom weaponry to make the game even more immersive, which will be shown off in the next post! However, below are two great examples of our unique flavor equipment that will prove very useful throughout the game.

Healing Equipment - The Syringe Gun:

Have you ever been in a dire situation and need an immediate boost of health so you don't die a gruesome death to bloodthirsty creatures? Neither have we, but those who find themselves in that type of situation will have the Syringe Gun, which will allow you to quickly administer some first-aid to yourself and help you to temporarily stave off specific status effects so you can find proper medical treatment. You will be able to craft healing cartridges for this, so make sure you keep an eye out for the resources needed to craft these valuable assets.

Special Equipment - The Welder:

This is one of the most dynamic pieces of equipment in the game, allowing for welding doors shut, opening vents, and even being critical in the repair of some of the broken machinery you will encounter throughout the site. This little multitool will become the best friend of any players who like to find shortcuts or for those who like to thoroughly explore their environments (which is a VERY worthwhile thing to do).

Special Machinery - The Fabricator:

Located throughout the facility will be specific machines that will provide you a way to recycle your resources or to create new resources and upgrades. The Fabricator is a fantastic example of one such machine and will be critical in the process of upgrading your equipment and in crafting off all-important ammunition for your weapons. This device will feature some cool internal animations while it's running and will be located in various parts of the map, so make sure to use one if you come across it.

Next Week:

This post was the longest we have ever made, and also the most content-packed! If you have liked what you have seen here, please go ahead and visit our Kickstarter page here and also donate to our Patreon here, so we can continue to make awesome content for the game.

Also, be sure to check out YouTube for the two videos that will be releasing today, which will be our OST as well as a mini-devlog which is a special recap video of these very blogs.

Next week we are showing off some of the character concepts and also some new renders of SCP-149 along with some more information on how that SCP will behave in-game, along with our newest hypersonic weapon. Our lovely Patrons will be seeing our 3D modeled character model as well as some other super cool stuff, but we are also doing a special for the next two months in which those who donate at $20 or above for August and September will get exclusive weapon skins for each month they are a donator. If that interests you then be sure to visit our Patreon and subscribe to a tier!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you loved what we are showing off, see you next week!


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16 de jul. de 2021

I think someone accidently lit a match in the military zone


This game is nothing but epic

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