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Close Combat Weaponry Expansion

This week, we will be discussing some of the new close combat weaponry and ammunition resupply mechanics that will be present within both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Melee Weapons:

Melee combat will be coming to singleplayer in a big way, as you will be forced to use melee weapons to open certain objectives as well as a last-resort method of defense when ammunition runs dry. However, there is a lot of emphasis being put on the availability and customizability of melee weapons to allow for them to be altered in terms of their damage output and core functionality. Upgrades for these weapons could look like adding a shock function to stun SCPs or adding additional bladed edges to increase bleeding and damage against any enemy unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

Below, you will see the first four melee weapons that are being introduced into the game:

From top to bottom, we have the utility ax, machete, shock baton, and axel.

Weapon Crafting:

Some of you may have noticed the axel is rather out of place in terms of the above weaponry, and that is because it is! However, this is because players will be encouraged to utilize the crafting mechanic to upgrade and create weapons out of various objects they will find around Site-113 which will add a great deal of expansion to the weapons and allow for a very solid (but also scary) combat experience.

Ammunition... will there ever be enough?

One of the core elements of Fragmented Minds is of course the horror aspect, and that is something we take a great deal of care in preserving throughout development. Because of this, ammunition will be VERY scarce and hard to come across. This will effectively cause players to either conserve ammunition, be stealthy or focus on crafting to keep their supplies stocked and ready to go. However, there will be ammunition crates scattered around the facility that will contain everything you need to either craft ammunition or will contain ready-to-go ammunition for your main weapon.

Down below, you will see the ammunition crates that will be featured across the map:

As you likely expect, the larger crates will contain larger quantities of gear but will also be much rarer and in much more dangerous areas of the map. They will also be a core feature of an upcoming mechanic we are introducing called Dark Zones, but more will come on that in a later post.

Multiplayer Ammunition Mechanic:

In The Hunt, players will be able to strategically place ammunition boxes around the map for them to visit while the round is played. These provide points they can stock up, grab equipment and also provide a specific target for SCPs to help throw the attacking MTF into disarray. Players will have a chance to coordinate and place these crates to give them the best chance of being able to launch a successful attack against the SCPs and win the round but will also give SCPs additional points to upgrade themselves should they destroy them.

Next Week:

In the next post, we will be talking about our newest design of Site-113 and we will have a rundown of exactly what the site is and how it is laid out, as well as some of the lore behind it.

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Along with this update, Patrons will also get an exclusive look at the full render of the newest Site-113 environment concept, so if you'd like access to that and our other content then definitely go check it out and sign up!



Jul 05, 2021

What will the Matchmaking be like in The Hunt? Will it just have lobbies that anyone can join, or will it be more skill-based?

Unknown member
Jul 27, 2021
Replying to

It will be open lobbies and private lobbies so friends can play together and there is no skill gap stuff that a lot of competitive games want to do to split their player-base


Jun 27, 2021

Can't wait to chop up a 939 with that ax or machete ! 👀


Jun 27, 2021


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