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Chaos Unleashed: Advanced Melee Weaponry

This week we have a big update for how certain melee weapons will behave in-game, as well as how crafting will play a big role in your weapon progression throughout the game.

Weapon System Overview:

One of our main goals with Fragmented Minds is to innovate on certain aspects of gameplay that have been largely left out of the more familiar SCP titles that players know and love. We decided the perfect core mechanic that could be innovated and improved upon was the weaponry available to players within the game. There will be several tiers of weaponry available for players, ranging from the low damage Tier 1 weaponry to the insane Special Class, which features rare hypersonic and energy weaponry exclusively used in the direst situations.

Crafting and combat have been effectively intertwined with this new system since weapons in all tiers can be upgraded to some degree, with some weapons getting much larger benefits over others depending on the upgrade. Players will need to find specific resources to be able to craft the required parts to apply the desired upgrade to their weapon and make it much more effective in combat.

There will be several effects that upgrades can provide, such as a scorching hot blade that can cause massive damage, a poisonous gel that can be applied to slowly kill enemies, and even a brutal bleeding effect caused by attaching blades to blunt objects that will allow you to be much more effective in a melee combat situation.

Down below, you will see several pictures of these new weapons with their respective upgrades:


The above three images show all the weapons together with their respective upgrades, along with our new grenades and equipment. However, from the 4th image down, we have the Ax which will feature a hammer upgrade to be able to effectively break open certain boxes while also allowing for blunt force trauma to be applied to the skull of an unsuspecting 3199 instance.

Next, we have the Machete which will feature a flame upgrade that superheats the blade and deals a huge amount of damage to enemies unfortunate enough to get sliced by it. This upgrade will require more materials than other upgrades as well and will be highly sought after due to its damage output.

Lastly, we have the Axle, which is the only Tier 3 weapon on this list as the Machete and Ax both do not do nearly as much damage as this weapon and are also one-handed. The Axle will feature an electric shock upgrade which will be triggered by the player and able to stun enemies to allow for quick follow-up hits that will have a much lower chance of being blocked or dodged.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the upgrades for melee weapons, as many more modifications are planned. We also have planned modifications available for the guns that will be in-game that will make for some seriously interesting combat.

Next Week:

In the next post, we will show off the Site-113 concept that shows off the outside of the base and gives a fantastic idea of what the environment you will be playing in will be. We also will be discussing more about the Special Weapon class and go into detail about just what you can expect from these extremely rare and powerful weapons that will be scattered around the facility.


For those of you unaware, we will be doing a Kickstarter campaign shortly and would love for you to check out and follow our page since that gives us a good idea of the interest in our project and allows us to reach out to you directly with updates. You can find the page here:


As many of you know, none of these updates would be possible if we didn't have the amazing support of our patrons. If you like what we are creating, please go ahead and visit us at and subscribe to a Patron tier to get exclusive updates about the game, and even get your ideas implemented! This week they will be seeing an amazing concept of Site-113 that is the highest detailed design we have ever gotten, so if you are curious subscribe to a tier and check it out!

See you all next week!



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